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Students are strongly encouraged to have their course schedule finalized before the start of the semester. It is possible to make schedule changes after the semester begins. To do so, the student must be in registered status.

Courses may be dropped and added during the first ten calendar days of the semester. Starting with the eleventh calendar day, a $6.00 fee is charged for each course transaction (drop or add) processed. A tuition penalty may apply when dropping a course. The drop/add process can be completed at the Registrar's Office in the Main Classroom Building.

Late Drop

Courses dropped during the first ten calendar days of the semester are not recorded on your academic record. Courses dropped after the first ten days and before the end of the twelfth week are considered late drops, and are recorded on your academic record. There are limitations - (baccalaureate degree - 16 credits; associate degree - 10 credits) on the number of credits you may late drop.

To add a course that is full, the instructor's signature is required. Dropping courses will likely reduce your ability to maintain normal degree progress, possibly delaying graduation. There are also financial issues to consider when dropping courses.


Questions? Please contact us by e-mail <jde12@psu.edu>, phone (call 717-771-4057), or visit us at the Registrar's counter, Main Classroom Building.