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Beth Kline

Beth is in Room 134 of the Registrar suite in the Main Classroom Building. Beth supports and oversees the academic function of the campus in cooperation with the campus administration and the Office of the University Registrar. The Registrar staff publishes the campus schedule of courses; develops the schedule by providing a point of review for problems and ensuring resolution before publication; oversees student academic actions, solves problems related to academic student records and procedures, provides data analysis to support academic and administrative decisions, and facilitates communication and relationships between administrative and academic units; and may be involved in supporting the curricular pursuits and academic review procedures of the college.

Gayle Woodard

Gayle works in Room 132 in the Registrar suite. Gayle creates sections for credit courses, prepares our information for the Schedule of Classes, enters information about our semester calendars and class times, and keeps track of the inevitable schedule changes that occur before (and sometimes after!) classes begin. Gayle posts all the York re-enrollments. Gayle is responsible for scheduling academic facilities for meetins, events, and make-up classes so this kind of use coordinates with classroom scheduling. She provides grading information to faculty for credit classes, and monitors the overall grading process so we know that all grades are in. Gayle develops the list of students who will be graduating for a particular semester, works with the advisers to be sure the students can graduate as planned, and participates in the planning for commencement. She is responsible for credit-by-exam activities.

Sandy Shellenberger

Sandy is located at the counter in the Registrar suite and is the most visible of the registrar staff! Sandy is our "point person" for working with students coming to the Academic Affairs counter. Starting at the beginning of the semester, Sandy is the busiest with daytime drop/adds and the many people coming to the counter to sign up for evening classes. She assists sutdents who want to register for Independent Learning courses and arranges examination times for their midterms and finals. Sandy assists students who are working on Senate appeals. Students come to Sandy for copies of schedule printouts, unofficial transcripts, degree audits, and grade reports. Also, they come to Sandy to submit name and address changes, and to turn in any forms being requested. She can assist students who need a deferred grade in a course. Most importantly, Sandy answers questions--tons of them!--and she's the first person that most students encounter in the Registrar's Office. Sandy is also responsible for processing non-credit registrations in our many youth programs.

Joan Smeltzer

Joan's office is located in the Information Sciences and Technology Center, but she checks in with us daily. Joan's job includes teaching two sections of mathematics each semester. In the Registrar group, Joan builds the Schedule of Classes and the Final Exam Schedule each semester. Joan works with the Director of Academic Affairs staff and considers all the campus resources, including curriculum needs and faculty requests, in building the best possible schedule to server the students and their programs. Joan and Gayle prepare the Schedule of Classes booklet for presentation to the campus community. Joan also works with students who are initiating Senate appeals, and prepares the petitions for submission to the Senate Office at University Park.