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Benefits of Becoming a Graham Fellow

Students who become a Graham Fellow will have the advantage of working as an intern with an organization that is specific to their major while being exposed to a tool box of leadership skills that will help them succeed in their future career. Throughout the internship, students will be partnered with a faculty liaison from their major and be paired with a corporate mentor from the organization where they will be working. Both the faculty liaison and corporate mentor will be a guide to the student throughout their learning experience.

The program is currently available for students in the following majors:

  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Human Development and Family Studies
  • Information Sciences and Technology
  • Science

Curriculum Outline

Assisting students along the way is a curriculum outline. Similar to a degree audit, it is specifically designed for each discipline to help guide students with all the courses required in the major, as well as elective classes assure that students are well rounded when working their internship. For example, taking a course in communications will allow you to learn effective ways to communicate in your organization.
View the Curriculum Outline (pdf)

Photo of Robert Choi, '84
Robert Choi, ’84, cofounder of Volagi Cycles in Cotati, Ca., shared his story and gave advice to students looking to participate in the Graham Program at Penn State York. His presentation was part of the Visionary Leaders Lecture Series sponsored by the program. In addition to talking about his experiences, Choi also had one of his bikes on display.

Outside the Classroom Experiences

Students will have many corporate partner networking/meet-and-greet opportunities and guest speaker events offered on campus. Last year, students had the opportunity to attend events with Penn State alumni entrepreneurs Gary Eberle and Robert Choi. These opportunities will students allow you to make connections that are very beneficial for your future.

Additionally, the chance for networking is not limited to on-campus events. As a Graham Fellow, students are able to travel with their corporate partners to conferences and meetings which take place out of the office.

How to become a Graham Fellow

Students can enter the program in two ways: referral/recommendation by faculty in their chosen discipline and through self-identification. Both avenues require the program application and supporting documents to be presented to your faculty adviser and the Graham Fellow’s representative in Advising and Career Development. A résumé and two academic and/or professional references are required.

Students are asked to complete the application and articulate their goals for the internship.
View the Application (pdf)

For more information and any questions contact your faculty adviser or one of the Graham Fellow faculty liaisons.


Corporate Mentors

Thumbnail image of Patrick Gwinn video Thumbnail image of James F. Eisenbeis video Thumbnail image of David Bross video Thumbnail image of Steven Downey video Thumbnail image of Mark Secord video

Faculty Liaison

Thumbnail image of Harley H. Hartman video