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Faculty Liaisons

Head shot photo of Dr. Ali Kara

Dr. Ali Kara
Professor of Business Administration
Phone: 717-771-4189
Email: axk19@psu.edu

Head shot photo of Professor Harley H. Hartman

Harley H. Hartman
Instructor in Engineering
Phone: 717-771-4097
Email: hhh2@psu.edu

Head shot photo of Professor William Cantor

William Cantor
Senior Instructor in Information Sciences and Technology
Phone: 717-771-4143
Email: wpc2@psu.edu

Head shot photo of Dr. Robert Farrell

Dr. Robert Farrell
Associate Professor of Biology and Interim Director of Academic Affairs
Phone: 717-771-4051
Email: jrf10@psu.edu

Head shot photo of Dr. JeanMarie St. Clair-Christman

Dr. JeanMarie St. Clair-Christman
Instructor, Field Coordinator in Human Development and Family Studies
Phone: 717-771-4161
Email: jxs176@psu.edu



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Corporate Mentors

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