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Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Sciences

Dr. Jane Sutton, Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences
717-771-4160 or jss@psu.edu

Bachelor of Arts in English

Dr. Jennifer Nesbitt, Associate Professor of English
717-771-4027 or jpn12@psu.edu

Bachelor of Arts in Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Fred C. Haag, Associate Professor of Visual Arts
717 771-4044 or fch2@psu.edu

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Orsay Kucukemiroglu, Professor of Business Administration
717-771-4163 or ojk@psu.edu

Bachelor of Science in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology

Dr. Charles Gaston, Assistant Professor of Engineering
717-771-4155 or cag9@psu.edu


Michael Marcus, Associate Professor of Engineering
717-771-4089 or mxm81@psu.edu

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies, Community Human Services option

Dr. Harriet Darling, Senior Instructor in Human Development and Family Studies
717-771-4164 or hed4@psu.edu

Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology

Bill Cantor,  Instructor in Information Sciences and Technology
717-771-4143 or wpc2@psu.edu

Bachelor of Science in Science

Dr. Robert Farrell, Associate Professor of Biology
717-771-8415 or jrf10@psu.edu