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The Biology Club is an active group of students who are interested in career opportunities in the biology and life sciences area. Students examine novel research findings, take field trips to local laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and speak with professionals in the life sciences careers. For more information contact Dr. Robert Farrell, Dr. Anne Vardo-Zalik, or Dr. Somya Dwivedi-Burks.

The Biology Club participates in many on and off-campus activities each semester, some of which are listed below

  • In the fall of 2010, we visited the Veterinary Pathology lab in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We saw them sample a dear carcass for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)!
  • We hold sub sales multiple times a semester to raise funds to offset travel to zoos, museums, and special exhibits.
  • We take trips to the National Zoo in Washington, DC to see animal exhibits and tour the Smithsonian research labs housed at the zoo. A lot of active research goes on behind the scenes! 
  • We participate in Meet-and-Greets for new Science undergraduates to meet faculty and fellow students.
  • We invite speakers, such as a local veterinarian pictured here, to give students perspective on careers choices, internships, graduate school, and medical/veterinary school.
  • During our meetings we encourage faculty and especially students to present their research findings, internship experiences, lab work, or other biology-related topics.

The Biology Club at Penn State York

2014–15 Academic Year Officers

  • President: Laura Ohl
  • Vice-President: Komal Khan
  • Vice-President: Greg Boga
  • Secretary: Madison Bowe

Club Advisers

  • Dr. Somya Dwivedi
  • Dr. Robert Farrell
  • Dr. Anne Vardo-Zalik


Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at noon in Room 112, Edward M. Elias Science Building.