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From the explosion of information on the Internet, to the restructuring of organizations into work groups, to the emergence of service industries, we live in the “Age of Communication.” If you want to learn to think critically about the world, make effective arguments, solve problems, get along with all kinds of people, form effective close relationships, and function effectively as a member of a democratic community, check out communication arts and sciences. The baccalaureate degree program in Communication Arts and Sciences (CAS) can help people prepare students for various areas. Undergraduate Communication Arts and Sciences majors can pursue a number of employment opportunities after graduation. 

Career Opportunities

A CAS degree prepares you for a variety of careers in both the public and the private sector, especially in areas where knowledge of human behavior or knowledge of message design and analysis is important. With a degree in CAS, you can apply for entry-level jobs for college graduates with liberal arts degrees. Depending on the coursework you take in CAS you could also apply for entry-level jobs for college graduate in management, human resources, event planning, marketing and public relations. In the past, CAS majors have taken jobs in business, government, law, entertainment, social work, and teaching at the secondary level. Many CAS graduates continue their education in graduate or professional schools.