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Career Opportunities

Recent English graduates have entered professional fields such as technical writing, teaching, and editing. Several of our students have gone on to pursue postgraduate degrees. Others have used their skills as readers and writers to follow career paths into banking, government service, human resources, and health care. English study can serve as a platform for a position in many other fields as well, from copywriting to management, from marketing to public service. The major not only provides students with competencies valued by today’s employers, but also offers them the flexibility necessary to compete in a constantly changing marketplace.

Beyond Coursework: Internships, Research, and Community

Outside the classroom, English majors engage in diverse activities across the campus. Students meet and work with artists, writers, and scholars, and English students edit the online literary magazine, Any Other Word. Students also act as members of search committees to shape the future of the program; tutor writing at the Nittany Success Center; and work as undergraduate research assistants. In addition, English students have sought opportunities to take their academic experiences into the professional world by securing internships in business and government. Some research and internship opportunities offer credit toward graduation.