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Introduction to Scholarships

You can be considered for three sources of scholarships at Penn State York. As a Penn State student, you will be considered for any and all scholarships offered through the entire University system. As a York student, you will be considered for those resources specific to students attending the York campus. In addition, you can apply for private resources through an "outside resource" scholarship book that we provide.

Listed below is a description of scholarships the York campus offers to students. Recipients are selected by the Campus Scholarship Committee each June. To apply, you need to have accepted your offer to Penn State York and have filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at the time of awarding. Contact the Student Affairs Office at 717-771-4045 for more information.

York Campus Scholarships
SCHOLARSHIP NAME FAFSA Full-Time Part-Time Minimum GPA SAT Score Specific Major Financial Need Geographical Area Renewable Other Criteria
Walter A. Brunhouse YES YES NO 3.0 1200     York County Resident    
James H. Burness Memorial YES YES YES 3.0   Preference to Chemistry and Science majors. YES      
CES Presidential YES YES NO 3.0 1200          
University College Dean YES YES NO 3.0 1100          
Graham Company Scholarship in Plastics Technology YES YES YES 3.0   Plastics Technology        
George A. Goodling YES YES NO 3.0   Preference to students in College of Agriculture YES 19th Cong. District   Baccalaureate degree students only.
Michael D. Gross YES YES NO 3.0       York Co. Resident    
M.S. Grumbacher Foundation Scholarship in Business YES YES YES 3.0   Penn State York Bachelor of Science in Business        
Baynard D. and Ethel M. Kunkle YES YES NO 3.0     YES      
Oscar B. and Beulah Nesbit Lash Memorial Fund YES YES NO 3.0       York Co. Resident    
Margaret J. and John C. Motter YES YES NO 3.0 1200   YES      
Penn State Club of York County YES YES NO 3.0     YES York Co. Resident    
Penn State York Advisory Board YES YES NO 3.0 1200          
Penn State York Campus YES YES NO 3.0     YES      
Penn State York Campus General YES YES YES 3.0            
Penn State York - York Hispanic Coalition NO YES NO             High school student who will be attending Penn State York: application and essay must be completed
Cheryl J. Plumb Memorial YES YES YES 3.0     YES     Preference given to single parent. Application is required.
The Reinhardt Foundation YES YES YES 3.0       York Co. Resident   Application and academic transcript required.
Joe and Rosie Ruhl Memorial YES YES YES 3.0         . York County and York Vo-Tech graduated.
Rutter's Dairy YES YES NO 2.5         If student maintained a GPA of 2.5 or higher Full-time student, children of full-time employees who have worked at least 2 years by the application date: must have a satisfactory school average and show promise.
Society of Manufacturing Engineers YES YES NO 3.0   Engineering, Engineering Technology, or Metals Science Students   York Co. Graduate   Pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering Degree: junior standing.
Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff YES YES NO 2.5     YES     Preference given to Pfaltzgraff employees, children and spouses.
Tighe Industries YES YES NO 3.0   Industrial, Mechanical or Engineering Technical Program, or Information Sciences and Technology major at P. S. YK YES     Preference given to children of Tighe Industries associates. Must complete accountability questionnaire and to make a presentation at Tighe Industry.
York Campus Senate Advisory Board Appreciation Scholarship YES YES NO 3.0 1200          
York County Agricultural Society YES YES NO 2.5   Enrolled in the College of Agriculture YES York Co. Resident    
York Foundation- Robert R. Anderson YES YES NO 2.5   Production Agriculture major YES York Co. Resident   Application and essay must be completed.