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The Academic Adviser plays an important role in undergraduate education at Penn State, by providing advice and consultation about registration, course offerings, areas of faculty interest and expertise, educational opportunities and goals, degree programs, educational policies, regulations and procedures.

Good advising during the freshman and sophomore years helps students choose the proper courses in a degree program and may contribute to student retention and to completion of the degree program.

Composition and Size of the Advising Award Subcommittee

The Academic Advising Award Subcommittee shall be a regular subcommittee of the Student Affairs Committee of the York Campus Senate. The subcommittee will be composed of the advising award recipients from the three preceding years and two student members selected by the SGA. The subcommittee will select an advisor member as chairperson. It will finish its deliberation and announce the winner in advance of the Annual Awards Banquet held at the end of the spring semester each year.


All faculty and/or staff member who serve as academic advisers (with the exception of the professional advisors on the Advising Center staff) are eligible for consideration of the award. Exception: An academic advising awardee will not be eligible for consideration for three years after receiving the award.

Nominations and Selections of the Winner

The subcommittee will seek nomination from students, faculty and staff in both the fall and spring semesters. From these nominations it will select up to three finalists. The subcommittee will use surveys and/or interviews to determine the award winner.


A citation outlining the advising qualities of the awardee and signed by the academic advising subcommittee members will be presented to the awardee at the Annual Awards Banquet. (A fraktur or other similar citation would be appropriate, along with a monetary gift if such funds can be obtained).

Monitoring of These Rules and Procedures

The Student Affairs Committee, in consultation with the Academic Advising Awards Subcommittee, will review the above rules and procedures from time to time and recommend changes to the Campus Senate.