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1.       Unit

The Academic Adviser plays an important role in undergraduate education at Penn State by providing advice and consultation on registration, course offerings, areas of faculty interest and expertise, educational opportunities and goals, degree programs, educational policies, regulations, and procedures. Good advising throughout a student’s academic career helps him or her become a self-directed learner and decision maker and may contribute to retention and degree completion. The Academic Advising Council supports academic advising across the campus, mentors academic advisers, recognizes excellent advising, and promotes best practices in advising.

2.       Composition and Size of the Academic Advising Council Subcommittee

Membership is composed of the four most recent full-time faculty recipients and two student members selected by the Student Government Association. The Division of Undergraduate Studies Programs Coordinator, the Division of Undergraduate Studies adviser, and the Director of Academic Affairs are ex officio members of this subcommittee. Each faculty member will chair this body during his or her fourth year, before he or she rotates off the subcommittee.


3.       Award Eligibility

All faculty (Tenure Line, FT1, FT2, and FTM) and staff who serve as academic advisers (with the exception of professional advisers from the Advising and Career Development Office) are eligible for consideration of the award. Exception: an Academic Advising awardee will not be eligible for consideration for four years after receiving the award. Special cases will be considered at the discretion of the Academic Advising Award Subcommittee in consultation with ASIC.


4.       Nomination and Selection Procedures

The Academic Advising Council Subcommittee will solicit nominations during both fall semester and spring semester using email messages to the Student and the Faculty List Serves as well as postings on the Penn State York website. The opening and closing dates for these nomination windows will be established annually by the subcommittee. Nominations will be accepted from any students, faculty, and staff that have observed excellent advising. From these nominations, the subcommittee will select up to three finalists. It will use feedback from advisees of finalists to determine the annual award winner.


5.       Citation

A citation outlining the excellent advising qualities of the awardee and signed by the Academic Advising Award Subcommittee members will be presented to the awardee at the annual awards program. The previous year’s recipient will present this citation. It is the responsibility of the chair to work with the Director of Academic Affairs in securing the certificate as well as funds for the monetary prize ($350) associated with this award. 


6.       Oversight

ASIC will receive at least one annual report from the Academic Advising Award Subcommittee. In addition, ASIC will periodically review the above rules and procedures, in consultation with the Academic Advising Award Subcommittee, and recommend any necessary changes to the Campus Senate. ASIC will advocate for the subcommittee in seeking any support it requires from the Senate.