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1.       Unit - The Ombudsperson Unit shall consist of all full-time faculty members and members of the Division of Undergraduate Studies.

2.        Voting Privileges and Qualifications of Faculty Ombudsperson

Voting privileges are extended to all members of the Unit, and only to members of the Unit. All members of the Ombudsperson Unit who have had one academic year's experience at York Campus at the beginning of their term of office are eligible to serve in this position.

3.        Nomination and Election of Faculty Ombudsperson

a.        The Faculty Ombudsperson shall be elected during the spring semester of odd-numbered years.

b.       An Ad Hoc Committee for nominating shall be appointed at the beginning of the spring semester by the Chair of the Campus Senate.  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor, after a slate of at least three candidates has been offered by the Nominating Committee.  At the time of nomination, each potential candidate must indicate willingness to serve if elected.

c.       Election shall be by secret ballot by all members of the Unit.

d.       The Chair of the Campus Senate shall appoint an Ad Hoc Committee responsible for handling ballots and tallying votes.

e.       The individual receiving the highest number of votes will be the elected Faculty Ombudsperson.  The individual with the second highest number of votes will be declared the Alternate Faculty Ombudsperson.

4.        Conditions of Office

a.       The term of office shall be two years, starting on July 1 following the time of election.

b.       The Alternate Faculty Ombudsperson is encouraged to assist the Faculty Ombudsperson in fulfilling the duties of the position.  If the Faculty Ombudsperson is unable to complete the term, the Alternate will assume the duties of the Faculty Ombudsperson for the remainder of the term and an election will be held to fill the position of Alternate Faculty Ombudsperson within thirty days.






(Passed November 2, 1973)

Revised and Approved January 1989