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Robert Bartell, Leonard Berkowitz, Mark Casteel, Kristin Cole, Dianne Creagh, Harriet Darling, Joe Downing, Somya Dwivedi, Deborah Eicher-Catt, Barbara Eshbach, Robert (Bob) Farrell, Deirdre Folkers, Thomas (Tom) Getz, Sukhdeep Gill, Andrea Giorgioni, Frederick (Fred) Haag, Harley Hartman, Cecilia Heydl-Cortinez, Michael Jarrett, Ed Jenkins, Ali Kara, Andrew (Andy) Landis, David Latzko, Fulgentius Lugemwa, Kerry Magni, Catherine Moon,  Maureen Muller-Kahle, Larry Newcomer, Samir Shah, Noel Sloboda, Stuart Stelly, Ken Swalgin, Emily Wenk, Anne Vardo-Zalik, Jane Emery, Holly Gumke, Patrick Tanner, Sue Ruch, Michael (Mike) Brennan, Suzanne Shaffer, Luke Coar, Tina Rohrbach, Vickie Hubbard, Jillaine Livingood, and Adam Chlan.

  1. Minutes
    1. Meeting called to order at 12:05 p.m.
    2. Minutes from the February 7, 2010 as Corrected
      1. Motion made by Ken Swalgin.
      2. Motion seconded by Dianne Creagh.
  2. Communications from administration, faculty, and committees
    1. Dr. Joel Rodney
      1. No report or comment
    2. Dr. McCormick
      1. 1. The deadline for the York Campus Advisory Board Scholarly Activity Grants is Friday, March 18
      2. Jodi Grothe will be taking on Mryt’s duties and is now in Director of Acadmeic Affairs (DAA’s) office for training and will be in the ISTC building next week.
      3. Human Development and Family Studies (HD FS) search has one more candidate to interview.
      4. English search has completed and an offer will be made.
      5. Philosophy search has four candidates scheduled for a visit, interviews should be completed by March 25
      6. Physics position posting is in process.
    3. University Senators
      1. No report or comments. (Senate has not met since last Campus Senate meeting.)
    4. Faculty Council Representative Emily Wenk
      1. No report or comments.
    5. Announcements from Faculty
      1. Noel Sloboda announced a reading by visiting writer Chuck Sweetman, scheduled for noon on Tuesday, March 15 in the library.
      2. Bob Farrell announced that the Biology Club would be having a sub sale tomorrow.
      3. Mike Jarrett announced that he has not heard one word concerning the selection of a new chancellor.
      4. Fred Haag announced that he has art work on display at the Governor’s Mansion in Harrisburg and the Harrisburg Museum through July.
      5. The Chair announced that Jennifer Nesbitt will speak on "Rum Histories: Drinking in the Past in Postcolonial Atlantic Literature and Culture" at University Park campus on Thursday, March 31 at noon (124 Sparks Bldg.) as part of her residency at the Institute of Arts and Humanities. All are welcome.
      6. A Communications Task Force was charged by the chancellor. A discussion ensued and it was decided to recommend two members of the Campus Senate to serve on the committee as opposed to the one that was requested. A concern was raised that although the athletics department was mentioned in the charge, no one from the athletics department was listed as a member of the committee. Three names were nominated, Shamir Shah, Ken Swalgin, and Fred Haag. A ballot election was held to pick two. Freg Haag and Ken Swalgin were elected to serve on the Communications Committee.
    6. Staff
      1. Michael Brennan announced that the first speaker for this year in the Graham Entrepreneurship Lecture Series, Visionary Leaders, is set for April 7. Matt Wilson the CEO of “Under 30 CEO” will speak from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in the Community Room, Joe and Rosie Ruhl Student Community Center, after a lunch starting at 12:00 p.m.
      2. Suzanne Shaffer announced Teaching and Learning Conference will be held April 22, 2011, at the York campus. Registration is still open. She will send out a reminder via e-mail.
    7. Student Government Association (SGA)
      1. No report or comments.
    8. Senate Chair
      1. Next month we will be electing a Chair-Elect, Senate Secretary, Obsbudsman and a Faculty Council Councilor-Elect.
    9. Senate Chair-Elect
      1. The campus has received a memo from the University Senate that states that the York campus representation on the University Senate will be increased from two Senators to three Senators.  Two Senators with will need to be elected, one with a two-year term expiring in 2013, and one with a three-year term expiring in 2013.  An election will need to be held by January 28, nominations and self-nominations are encouraged.  Ballet boxes will be placed and an announcement will be made as to where they will be placed.
    10. Senate Committee Chairs
      1. No report or comments.
  3. Unfinished Business
    1. No Unfinished Business
  4. New Business
    1. A Motion from Ken Swalgin:
      1. I would like to propose a waiver from the restriction of using the MWF common hour in the spring semester 2012. The Kinesiology Department would like to schedule Kines. 48 (tennis I) for a 75 minute period beginning at 11:00 a.m. and ending at 12:15 p.m. This would allow student to schedule the course at the beginning of the hour giving students greater access to the kinesiology course offerings. Due to the nature of this course, the ending time of the class will be 12:00 p.m. giving students time to dress out for their next commitment i.e. lunch, club activity, etc. This waiver will give the Kinesiology Department greater flexibility to meet the need and interest of our students as the department only has one classroom on campus (the gym) to schedule HPA courses.
      2. The motion was seconded by Fred Haag.
      3. The motion was approved per voice vote.
  5. Forensic Business
    1. Holly Gumke explained the history and the operating model of the Pullo Pullo Family Performing Arts Center (The Pullo Center), which opened in 2005. It is a for profit operation that is affiliated with Penn State, but needs to be self supporting.
      1. Concerns were raised that the faculty could be bumped for a for profit event. This has happened rarely and is because of pending contracts with performers. In these cases, the faculty member is informed that their reservation for The Pullo Center is a “soft hold” and could be bumped if a pending for profit contact is accepted.
      2. Academic classes are not charged for the use of The Pullo Center.
      3. There are many opportunities for students to see and visit with professional artists ad performers.
      4. Stuart Stelly noted that his experience is that The Pullo Center is working better with his students and classes and has improved over what it was in the past.
      5. A discussion ensued regarding the appropriateness of having entertainers/perfomers such as “Snookie” at The Pullo Center.
  6. Adjournment
    1. Motion to adjourn was approved at 1:16 p.m.
      1. Motion made by Noel Sloboda
      2. Motion seconded by Deirdre Folkers