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Richard Bacha, Robert Bartell, Leonard Berkowitz, William (Bill) Cantor, Mark Casteel, Kristin Cole,  Dianne Creagh, Harriet Darling, Somya Dwivedi, Deborah Eicher-Catt, Robert (Bob) Farrell, Ann Fetterman, Deirdre Folkers, Charles (Chuck)  Gaston, Thomas Getz, Sukdeep Gill, Fred Haag, Harley Hartman, Abul Hasan, Michael Jarrett, Ed Jenkins, Ali Kara, David Latzko, Kerry Magni, Michael Marcus, Jennifer Nesbitt,  Larry Newcomer, Duke Sarafian, Abdul Siddiqui, Stuart Stelly, Jane Sutton, Ken Swalgin, David Van de Streek, Emily Wenk, Manel Wijesinha, Dixie Winters, Tara Moore, Sue Ruch, Jane Emery, Suzanne Schaffer, Dina Wulinsky, Linda Matesevac, Kelsey Kman, Joseph  McCormick, and Joel Rodney.

  1. Minutes
    1. Meeting started at 12:06 p.m.
    2. Minutes from the March 2, 2010, meeting were approved without comment.
  2. Communications from administration, faculty, and committees
    1. Joel Rodney, chancellor
      1. No report or comments.
    2. Joe McCormick, director of academic affairs (DAA)
      1. Update on searches: (1) The communication arts and sciences and chemistry searches are ongoing. (2) The Grant Review Committee (Advisory Board and Pullo) will be charged later this week.
    3. University Senators
      1. Mark Casteel reported that the University Senate passed a resolution stating that a student?s transcript will reflect a single late drop symbol code (WN).
    4. Emily Wenk, Faculty Council Representative
      1. No comments
    5. Announcements from Faculty
      1. No comments
    6. Announcements from Staff
      1. Sue Ruch reminded everyone that expenses should be submitted 30 days after a trip.
      2. Bob Farrell reported on the state of the new science building.
    7. Student Government Association (SGA) Representative
      1. SGA is working on a proposal to give students a 10 percent discount when they use LionCash.
    8. David Latzko, senate chair elect
      1. No comments.
    9. Jennifer Nesbitt, senate chair
      1. Thanked members of the Nominating Committee.
  3. Unfinished Business
    1. None
  4. New Business
    1. Election of New Senate Officers (Jennifer Nesbitt, Larry Newcomer and Dixie Winters served as Tellers)
      1. Candidates for chair-elect: Deborah Eicher-Catt and Michael Jarrett. Deborah Eicher-Catt was elected as the next chair-elect.
      2. Candidates for secretary: Harley H. Hartman and Ed Jenkins. Harley H. Hartman was elected as the next secretary.
      3. Candidates for counselor-elect: Bill Cantor and Manel Wijesinha. Bill Cantor was elected as the next counselor-elect.
    2. Curricular Affairs Committee Motion
      1. MOTION: The Curricular Affairs Committee moves that the Campus Senate approve faculty hires at the following levels of appointment in the following disciplines:
        HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND FAMILY STUIDIES (HD FS): FTM or, if qualifications and budget warrant, a tenure-track faculty position for spring 2011. In the case of an FTM hire, HD FS will search for a tenure-track position as soon as finances permit.
        HD FS: FT1 for the 2010-11 academic year.
        ENGLISH: A tenure-line position, specializing in literature and culture of the Black Atlantic, with specialization in African-American or Anglophone African literatures. Search to take place during the 2010-11 academic year, with the successful applicant starting in the 2011-12 academic year.
        ENGLISH: FT1 position, subject to renewal, to begin in the 2010-11 academic year.
        (1) The motion passed, after discussion.
    3. Faculty Affairs Committee Motions
      1. Proposal for Establishing a Conference Room in the M.S. Grumbacher Information Sciences and Technology Center (ISTC) Building
        Rationale: At present, there is no space allocated for a faculty conference room (similar to the DAA or CEO conference rooms). Most faculty have been using the faculty lounge for purposes of meetings. However, the faculty lounge is often not a suitable quiet place for meetings with other faculty and guests to discuss matters related collaborative research and planning.
        Proposal: To solve the problem, the Faculty Affairs Committee is proposing that a specific location be allocated for this purpose.
        (1) The motion passed, after discussion, without stipulation as to the new conference room's location.
        Proposal For Change in the Timing of the Peer Review of Teaching For Tenured Faculty
        (2) The motion passed, after discussion.
    4. Committee Reports
      1. (1) Academic and Student Issues
        (2) Cultural Diversity and Enrichment
        (3) Curricular Affairs
        (4) Faculty Affairs
        (5) Teaching, Learning Technology Advisory Committee
    5. First-Year Engagement (FYE) Progress Report (Stuart Stelly)
      1. Stuart Stelly reported that the committee continues to assess the program, but needs additional data before it makes any recommendations to the campus.
  5. Adjournment
    1. Motion to adjourn was approved at 1:09 p.m.