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Robert Bartell, Dennis Baughman, Marshall Coyle, Dianne Creagh, Harriet Darling, Haibin Dong, Somya Dwivedi, Deborah Eicher-Catt, Barbara Eshbach, Robert (Bob) Farrell, Deirdre Folkers, Sukhdeep Gill, Frederick (Fred) Haag, Harley Hartman, Cecilia Heydl-Cortinez, Michael (Mike) Jarrett, Ali Kara, Andrew (Andy) Landis, David Latzko, Fulgentius Lugenmwa, Michael Marcus, Maureen Muller-Kahle, Larry Newcomer, Abdul Siddiqui, Noel Sloboda, Stuart Stelly,  David Van de Streek, Dixie Winters, Anne Vardo-Zalik, Jane Emery, Patrick Tanner, Sue Ruch, Sharon Christ, Monica Grigera, Joseph (Joe) McCormick, Suzanne Shaffer, and Dina Wulinsky.

  1. Minutes
    1. Meeting called to order at 12:06 p.m.
    2. Minutes from the November 4, 2010, meeting approved.
      1. Motion made by Bob Farrell.
      2. Motion seconded by Dixie Winters.
  2. Communications from administration, faculty, and committees
    1. Dr. McCormick
      1. Two Search Committees have been Charged, one in English and one in human development and family studies (HD FS). Campus visits are expected in late January or early February.
      2. Joel and Joe will prepare a position description for an fixed-term 1 (FT-1) position in philosophy and will share it with the appropriate faculty before it is sent out.
      3. A reminder of Jane Emery’s e-maill concerning the prompting of students to register for classes was discussed.
      4. Dr. McCormick would like to create a paper trail for plagiarism and other academic integrity issues. This would allow for a more complete picture of chronic violators. He also discussed the formation of an Academic Integrity Committee.
    2. Dr. Rodney
      1. Dr. Rodney wanted the faculty to know that federally funded research is under closer scrutiny.
      2. The Marcellus Shale reserves are providing opportunities to Penn State research.
      3. There are some questions about future funding of Penn State and the other state schools due to the election in November.
      4. The strategic plan for libraries focuses on becoming more interactive and is supporting of “Knowledge Commons.”
      5. The flag on campus is at half staff today, in remembrance of the 69th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day.
      6. By the end of January, recommendations from committees should be in for the Campus Academics Review Coordinating Commission (CARCC). When the recommendations are know, he will share them with the campus.
    3. University Senators
      1. No report or comments. (University Senators are attending a Senate meeting at University Park.)
    4. Faculty Council Representative
      1. The council is looking at guidelines for promotion to full professor.
    5. Announcements from Faculty
      1. No report or comments.
    6. Staff
      1. Suzanne Shaffer announced that on Friday, April 15 there will be an all day Conference on Teaching and Learning at the York campus, sponsored by Schreyer’s with the keynote speaker, Maryellen Weimer from the Penn State Berks campus
    7. Student Government Association (SGA)
      1. No report or comments.
    8. Senate Chair
      1. No report or comments.
    9. Senate Chair-Elect
      1. No report or comments.
    10. Senate Committee Chairs
      1. Academic and Student Issues Committee
        1. A summarized report was given.
      2. Cultural Diversity and Enrichment Committee
        1. A summarized report was given.
      3. Curricular Affairs Committee
        1. A summarized report was given.
      4. Faculty Affairs Committee
        1. A summarized report was given.
      5. Teaching, Learning Technology Advisory Committee (TLTAC)
        1. A summarized report was given.
    11. Update from the Chair of the Chancellor Search Committee, Mike Jarrett
      1. Committee is working on evaluating candidates on line and will conducting telephone interviews which are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of finals week. Final candidates would hopefully then be brought to the campus for further interviewing in January.
  3. Unfinished Business
    1. No Unfinished Business
  4. New Business
    1. University College Faculty Council, Fixed Term I /II Guidelines.
      1. Emily Wenk presented a guideline document for the hiring and review of FT 1 and FT 2 faculty. A motion was made by Emily and seconded by Dianne Creagh to approve the guidelines, enabling a discussion.
        1. A discussion issued with the same concerns voices as when the proposal was presented last month.
        2. The motion was defeated on a voice vote.
  5. Forensic Business
    1. Sue Ruch made a presentation on campus budget basics.
  6. Adjournment
    1. Motion to adjourn was approved at 1:28 p.m.
      1. Motion made by Harriet Darling
      2. Motion seconded by Andy Landis