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C. Bare, L. Berkowitz, W. Cantor, M. Casteel, P. Catina, M. Coyle, C.D. Creagh, H. Darling, S. Dwivedi, R. Farrell, A. Fetterman, D. Folkers, C. Gaston, T. Getz, F. Haag, H. Hartman, A. Henne, E. Jenkins, A. Kara, C. Kennedy, K. Knapp, O. Kucukemiroglu, A. Landis, F. Lugemwa, K. Magni, N. Mpofu, J. Nesbitt, L. Newcomer, A. Siddiqui, N. Sloboda, S. Staton-Taiwo, J. St. Clair-Christman, S. Stelly, K. Swalgin, K. Trout, D. Van de Streek, E. Wenk, M. Wijesinha, D. Winters, J.J. Yu, S. D. Baughman, Christ, B. Dennis, T. Eicker, J. Emery, J. McCormick, S. Ruch, S. Werner, and D. Wulinsky

  1. Minutes
    1. Minutes from the December 12, 2008, meeting were approved without comment.
  2. Communications from administration, faculty, and committees
    1. Announcements from the Campus Chancellor, Dr. Joel Rodney
      1. Was unavailable to comment.
    2. Announcements from the Director of Academic Affairs, Dr. Joe McCormick (Announcements to the Senate):
      1. Urged everyone to consult forensic First Year Experience (FYE) materials available from his office; pointed out the possibility of faculty and staff interest sessions being added to the new FYE plan.
    3. Announcements from University Senators
      1. Dr. Mark Casteel noted there had been no recent Senate activity.
    4. Faculty
      1. Dr. Leonard Berkowitz reported that an AD 14 review committee was going to be charged on February 10 to assess the chancellor and the director of academic affairs; announced the process will take approximately seven weeks and will involve individual interviews as well as ANGEL surveys; stated that the committee will provide an oral report to Dr. Romano; said that Dr. Romano will then visit the campus, in early April, to meet with Dr Rodney and Dr. McCormick, in order discuss the committee’s recommendations.
      2. Art Henne drew attention to an upcoming January 22 presentation by Arthur Romano, as part of plans to remember Dr. Martin Luther King; stated the event would begin at noon in the Community Room of the Joe and Rosie Rhul Student Community Center..
      3. Ken Swalgin announced that the Badminton Club will be meeting Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and encouraged involvement.
    5. Faculty Council Representative
      1. Dr. Abdul Siddiqui shared no Faculty Council business.
    6. Staff
      1. Barbara Dennis announced Paw Search, a talent and variety show to be run on January 30, at 7:00 p.m. in The Pullo Center, to benefit THON.
      2. Dr. Sharon Christ announced membership changes for spring semester in campus student government.
    7. Student Government representatives
      1. Were not available to comment.
    8. Senate Chair, Dr. Bob Farrell
      1. urged faculty to review committee assignments; asked anyone who wanted a change of assignment to contact him.
      2. Announced formation of an ad hoc committee to assess promotion and tenure changes.
      3. Announced an upcoming meeting of the chair and the chair elect, Dr. Jennifer Nesbitt, with all committee chairs.
      4. Reminded everyone of upcoming Senate meeting dates: February 3; March 3; April 2; and April 30.
    9. Chair Elect, Dr. Jennifer Nesbitt
      1. Made no comments.
    10. Committees
      1. Made no reports.
  3. Unfinished Business
    1. Harriet Darling reviewed findings of Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) forensic investigations, including a fall town meeting that addressed objectives of importance to the campus; reviewed a handout relating objectives and the work of standing committees.
    2. Ed Jenkins urged the campus to purchase software such as “School View” for policing campus computer labs; Sue Werner suggested the campus begin to prioritize the use of unexpected budget excesses in order to secure funds for such purchases; Harley Hartman recommended committees work to set priority lists.
  4. New Business
    1. Dr. Robert Farrell reported the theft of several items (worth approximately $2,000)
      from the campus bookstore and noted additional security measures there might make
      the campus appear inhospitable; discussion ensued.
  5. Forensic Business
    1. No forensic business was conducted by the Senate.
  6. Adjournment
    1. Motion to adjourn was approved at 12:05 p.m.