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R. Bartell, L. Berkowitz, M. Casteel, P. Catina, M. Coyle, H. Darling, B. Dennis, G. Ellis, R. Farrell, A. Fetterman, D. Folkers, C. Gaston, T. Getz, F. Haag, H. Hartman, A. Hasan, A. Henne, C. Heydl-Cortinez, A. Huber, M. Jarrett, E. Jenkins, A. Kara, K. Knapp, A. Landis, K. Magni, M. Marcus, T. Moore, J. Nesbitt, L. Newcomer, J. Rodney, D. Sarafian, S. Staton-Taiwo, J. St. Clair-Christman, S. Stelly, K. Swalgin, D. Van de Streek, M. Wijesinha, D. Winters, J.J. Yu

  1. Approval of the minutes from the May 1, 2008 Senate meeting:
    1. Minutes from the May 1 meeting were approved without comment.
  2. Communications from administration, faculty, and committees
    1. Announcements from the Campus Chancellor, Dr. Joel Rodney
      1. Indicated that he had covered all current faculty-related business during faculty orientation.
    2. Announcements from the Director of Academic Affairs, Dr. Joe McCormick (Announcements to the Senate):
      1. Was unavailable for comment.
    3. Announcements from University Senators
      1. Dr. Leonard Berkowitz indicated that he was one the Faculty Advisory
        Committee to the president, serving the second year of a three-year term;
        encouraged faculty with issues rating the president’s attention to contact him.
      2. Dr. Leonard Berkowitz noted that the University Senate will hold a
        forensic session on online course copyright.
      3. Dr. Leonard Berkowitz remarked upon a forthcoming Senate report on fixed term faculty issues.
      4. Dr. Leonard Berkowitz indicated that a recent report on dual enrollment indicated it favorably impacted university enrollments; stated that of 89 high school seniors who enrolled at Penn State York in 2006-07, fifty-five applied for admission to Penn State when they graduated from high school and fifty were admitted. Instructor Ed Jenkins shared a personal anecdote affirming the value of dual enrollment.
      5. Dr. Leonard Berkowitz shared that a recent report on campus security found our campus, along with nine others, does not meet baseline standards.
    4. Announcements from Faculty
      1. Instructor and ADAA Deirdre Folkers commented that the ten students from India are a “very engaging group.”
    5. Announcements from Staff
      1. Made no comments.
    6. Announcements from Student Government representatives
      1. Were unavailable for comment.
    7. Announcements from Senate Chair, Dr. Bob Farrell
      1. Shared his enthusiasm for part-time faculty having representation on the Senate during the coming year; indicated three individuals had volunteered and that an election would be held to determine who would serve.
      2. Reported that all faculty had been invited to update their committee
        assignments; thanked those who had responded; said committee assignments would be released tomorrow (8/22), following results of the Promotion and Tenure Committee election.
      3. Noted interest had been expressed in formation of a Facilities Committee.
  3. Unfinished Business
    1. No unfinished business was addressed by the Senate.
  4. New Business
    1. Promotion and Tenure Committee elections were held, but before the process was completed, questions were raised about who was going to be reviewed in 2008 - 09; the DAA was unavailable to provide response; a vote, counted by Senate Secretary Dr. Noel Sloboda and checked by Instructor Ed Jenkins, resulted in Dr. Tom Getz being elected P&T Committee Chair, Dr. Mike Jarrett and Dr. Cecilia Heydl-Cortinez P&T Committee members.
    2. Senate Chair Dr. Bob Farrell raised a concern of Instructor Dr. Noel Sloboda, Teaching Award Committee Chair, who had in spring suggested that cash prizes for both Teaching and Advising Awards be increased and that the amount spent on certificates, or frakturs, be reduced; after brief discussion, it was recommend that the Teaching Award and Advising Award Committees meet to discuss the matter and, if appropriate, route a proposal through Academic and Student Issues.
    3. Senate Chair Dr. Bob Farrell opened the floor to discuss ways of implementing the Strategic Plan; no comments were made; Chancellor Dr. Joel Rodney then stated that Strategic Plan required a time table, said faculty needed to tell administration what the time table should be, and encouraged faculty to e-mail him; Senate Chair Dr. Bob Farrell requested a lunchtime meeting be set up to discuss implementation of the strategic plan.
    4. University Senator Dr. Mark Casteel urged everyone involved with the Senate to take less meeting time for announcements; University Senator Dr. Abul Hasan noted, as counterpoint, that bylaws required time for announcements; the Senate Chair maintained that announcements would be included in future but handled with greater efficiency.
  5. Forensic Business: Reports from Standing Committees
    1. No forensic business was undertaken by the Senate. No reports were made to the Senate.
  6. Adjournment
    1. Motion to adjourn was approved at 12:54 p.m.