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A. Benharbit, L. Berkowitz, W. Cantor, M. Casteel, P. Catina, D. Coho, M. Coyle, C. D. Creagh, H. Darling, J. Downing, S. Dwivedi, C. Dzubak, R. Farrell, A. Fetterman, D. Folkers, T. Getz, S. Gill, S. Gladfelter, F. Haag, H. Hartman, A. Hasan, A. Henne, C. Heydl-Cortinez, M. Hoch, A. Huber, K. Ishida, E. Jenkins, A. Kari, K. Knapp, O. Kucukemiroglu, A. Landis, D. Latzko, L. Lugemwa, K. Magni, J. Nesbitt, L. Newcomer, D. Sarafian, S. Shah, N. Sloboda, J. Smeltzer, S. Staton-Taiwo, J. M. St. Clair-Christman, S. Stelly, J. Sutton, K, Swalgin, K. Trout, D. Van de Streek, V. White, Y. Beattie, J. Bowman, S. Christ, T. Eicker, J. Emery, H. Gumke, J. McCormick, F. Miller, J. Rodney, S. Shaffer, S.Werner, K. Zimmerman

  1. Approval of the minutes from the April 26, 2007 Senate meeting:

    (No corrections, will stand as prepared)

  2. Communications from administration, faculty, and committees:

    (No communications—moved to unfinished business)

  3. Unfinished Business
    1. Announcements from the Campus Chancellor, Joel Rodney
      1. Two opportunities are available—1) one for students and 2) one for members of faculty
        1. While at the rotary, not volunteering, Dr. Rodney was asked to chair scholarships—1) ambassadorial scholarship—for student pursuing higher studies and/or about to graduate—to promote ideas of world peace and to study in academic institution in emerging country. The student should be fluent in the language of the country. The grant pays $23,000 to the student, for one year or two years. One year won’t allow the student to earn master’s degree, but two years would. Only Penn State York and York College can elect, but neither have been successful electing. Gettysburg College has been most successful, but Penn State York can make a showing. Let Joel Rodney know of eligible students
        2. The university teacher must be proficient in the language of the country. Almost 30% of Penn State York’s faculty is international and has a great opportunity to apply. The grant is not quite enough to live on, but it could be coupled with a sabbatical. York College has had one, but not Penn State York. If anyone is interested, see Joel Rodney—our chances are fairly good. "These are opportunities; we might as well take advantage of it."
      2. Announcements from the Director of Academic Affairs, Joe McCormick
        1. In a discussion with Bill Cantor, Joe McCormick learned that there are two faculty vacancies on the horizon. We hope to recruit tenure-track in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS). The budgetary situation is “neutral,” which Dr. McCormick interprets as positive. Dr. McCormick is 200% in support of what is being attempted. A green light is already on—no need to bring the issue back to the faculty senate?
        2. In reference to procedure—some may or may not know that Stephanie Pane submitted resignation July 1. She is from Texas and was engaged to be married. The fiancé was not successful securing employment near Dr. Pane, so she decided to go back home, to a position at Texas A & M Commerce campus. We now have a vacancy in business—in light of this "employment event," we need some dialogue. The business faculty needs to bring a recommendation to fill the position for 08-09—The procedure need not be more complicated than that.
      3. Announcements from University Senators
        1. Abdul, Mark—Mark Casteel is in the role as member of the joint administration of the senate committee. Mark Casteel has not taught a class as first year seminar (FYS), because going down to twenty students would be an issue. Therefore, Mark needs an FYS syllabus so he can see what one looks like. Please contact him at MAC13@psu.edu and forward a syllabus, please.
      4. Announcements from faculty
        1. Everyone should have received a memo on the book store issue (Berkowitz)—please look at the email. The bookstore is charging students above list price. The issue may have been resolved, but no promises. Berkowitz has been reelected to faculty advising and now has direct access to the provost and can bring these issues up. If you have issues to bring up, please let Dr. Berkowitz know.
        2. Dr. Berkowitz is still campus ombudsman. We need to look up to see when that term is over—on occasion , it’s possible to have conflict trouble resolving—the ombudsman system is designed to help solve those issues—Jane [Sutton] is also available
        3. Anne Fetterman encourages students to come to service events—animal shelter, soup kitchen, because it’s "an awful lot of fun."
      5. Announcements from Staff
        1. Suzanne Shaffer—two things for your radars—workshops for the semester—thanks to faculty for offering to teach. We will highlight an outside speaker, with the campus getting more diverse with the student body, on strategies in the classroom to support the success of students with English as another language. We want to know who is interested to make sure it’s worth her while to come to campus
        2. Schreyer conversations—As listed, we have been asked to host on campus and would like to recruit more interest on campus. Faculty on panel discuss topics—retention issue or grade inflation. The format is conversational manner. Anyone interested in being on the panel should let Suzanne Shaffer know.
        3. New interface for ANGEL—No formal workshops will be offered this fall, because attendance is falling. What works on this campus are individual meetings, which works for Suzanne Shaffer as well.
        4. Provost Ericson brought a group from every campus calling it E-Learning representative—Ms. Shaffer feels unprepared and would like to solicit help—no travel is involved since polycom will be used. It is important for faculty to input what we want E-learning to look like. Is anyone interested? Ms. Shaffer will let the faculty know when the next meeting is to be. [Dr. McCormick sites an example]: In reference to the situation of two CAS courses needed—an adjunct teacher had on-line experience. Dr. McCormick recommended a blended model—the down side to blended? Didn’t have to cross that bridge, but given what Suzanne mentioned, some complain that Suzanne is not a member of the faculty, and it would be so much better if she had a faculty partner.
      6. Announcements from Student Government representatives
        1. No representative present
      7. Announcements from Senate Chair, Chuck Gaston, via Bob Farrell
        1. Chuck is in Germany and sends his regards—he wishes we were all with him. Bob Farrell is speaking in Gaston’s stead: We will try to advocate within the science group and other disciplines, to retain and attract with diversifying course offerings over the summer. With the science department, many students go to Millersville to take organic chemistry—it would be nice to offer Chem 210, 212, 213—we don’t have these available, but need to talk about them –Spring semester.
        2. York All communication—the staff does not have a Yorkall list serve – it is difficult for staff to communicate among themselves. We would like to know how to start a YorkStaff all. This need really ought to be addressed.
  4. New Business
    1. Formation of Promotion and Tenure Committee for AY 2007-2008
      1. Deirdre Folkers asks—Does anyone want to change committees. Only Sandra Staton-Taiwo from English is up for 4th year review.
      2. Q—Who is eligible to vote—who is the electorate?
      3. Abdul—But first we have to select a chair.
      4. Farrell—who is eligible to vote—tenured and tenured-track faculty eligible to vote
      5. Abdul— First vote for the chair, because the selection of the chair is specific—has to be someone from the past committee—select a person for chair, then the next step is to vote for two remaining members
      6. McCormick—Under the new rules adopted last year—promotion and tenure –only asking to pick three people from the eligibility list
      7. Berkowitz: You have to select a chair
      8. Cecilia Heydl-Cortinez: Two minor corrections—the spelling of “Ceci”—has already served three years on promotion and tenure.
      9. McCormick—Who else was on the committee last year?
      10. Leonard and Adbul were on last year
      11. Berkowitz—has a new project—all off campus, and FAC takes off campus in addition to the senate meetings. It would be difficult to schedule meetings, and Dr. Berkowitz would appreciate it if he is not elected to this committee at all this year.
      12. Abdul—feels Leonard is competent
      13. Haag—Are there no other reviews this year other than Sandra?
      14. Farrell—will pass along the ballot. While ballots being counted will pass out printed ballots. Don’t mark choice yet until the results of the chair are announced. Abdul Hassan has been selected to be chair—scratch out Hasan on the sheet because he is the chair. Scratch off Mike Jarrett, because he’s on sabbatical. Scratch out Farrell, because he is chair elect of the committee.
      15. Kari—Scratch off Kara—because he is on the university P&T committee
      16. Pick two people and put a circle around their names—Berkowitz requests not to be voted for.
    2. Response to Faculty Council’s Constitution Draft
      1. Jane Sutton-response and a date-how we as a senate should make a response. We can talk about it today or set up another time?
      2. Berkowitz-senate representation is a problem—Jane is right; we need to schedule a time to talk about the content. A number at university senate speak to Romano on shared governance structure; three are assigned to temporary structure—January or February.
      3. Sutton-there are four standing committees—the election to college P&T, academic affairs, faculty affairs (faculty work loads), curricular affairs committee. Have our campus respond.
      4. Farrell—Perhaps we can set a meeting very quickly during the common hour.
      5. We have a tie-Sukhdeep Gill is a member, and we have a tie between Tom Getz and Mark Casteel. Get scrap paper-write either Getz or Casteel.
      6. Sutton: There is a procedure. The procedure for a tie is that the one who out ranks or the person who arrived first—on campus. That’s the constitution.
      7. Farrell: We don't have to vote again—Gill and Getz and the chair is Hasan.
      8. McCormick - When does the leadership of the standing committees change?
      9. Folkers -Charged the committee to determine a chair for the following year.
      10. McCormick—standing committees should have selected their chairs—it seems curricular affairs didn’t do that. Rules over how long one can serve as chair. The chair was selected from an existing committee.
  5. Forensic Business
    1. Textbook prices in the bookstore
      1. Farrell--Last item on agenda—textbook prices—any other business?
      2. Folkers—The issue over curricular requirements. We should consider establishing a student list serv. If some new development occurs, it occurs in areas of particular requirements. It might be nice to have a list of students in your major, to remind students of courses they must have, a list serv for students within majors to get to them as a group.
      3. Sutton: In response to the list serv, it seems a nice idea, but it is a very complex matter. Someone transferring in the fall won’t have access, and not everyone has declared a major; some may be working on associates. It would be very difficult to communicate to students
      4. Farrell—one final reminder, please take the blue sheet with you—it notes where advisors will be meeting with advisees
  6. Adjournment
    1. Motion to adjourn at 12:59

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, October 2, 2007, 12:05 p.m. in ISTC 107

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