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A. Benharbit, W. Cantor, M. Casteel, D. Coho, C. D. Creagh, H. Darling, S. Dwivedi, R. Farrell, D. Folker, C. Gaston, S. Gill, S. Gladfelter, F. Haag, H. Hartman, A. Hasan, C. Heydl-Cortinez, M. Hoch, K. Ishida, A. Kara, O. Kucukemiroglu, A. Landis, K. Magni, M. Marcus, J. Nesbitt, L. Newcomer, S. Shah, A. Siddiqui, S. Simonds, N. Sloboda, S. Staton-Taiwo, S. Stelly, J. Sutton, K. Swalgin, K. Trout, V. White, D. Winters, J. McCormick, S. Shaffer, S.Werner.

  1. Approval of the minutes from the 10/2/07 (with changes) and 11/1/07 Senate meetings
    1. Minutes approved
  2. Communications from administration, faculty, and committees
    1. Announcements from the Campus Chancellor Dr. Joel Rodney. (away)
    2. Announcements from the DAA, Dr. Joe McCormick.
      1. On Wednesday, December 5, the DAA will charge a search committee in Business. This committee consists of Orsay Kucukemiroglu; Ali Kara; David Latzko; Cecilia Heydl-Cortinez; and Richard Bacha. More than fifty applications have been received for the tenure track position left vacant with the resignation of Stephanie Pane at the end of the 2006-07 academic year.
      2. Negotiations are currently underway with a candidate who was recommended for the tenure track position in HD FS. The DAA looks forward to concluding these negotiations on Wednesday, December 5 in a telephone conversation with the candidate.
      3. Jane Pflaum sent an e-mail regarding Faculty Activity Report (FAR) appointments. Go through the template, pick a time, and contact Jane. A seven page script will be e-mailed and/or uploaded to the I drive.
      4. Scott and McCormick discuss the issue of cheating and plagiarism. The point of departure is the academic integrity statement on your syllabus.
      5. Commencement is Friday, December 21. Plan to attend commencement.
      6. Gladfelter asks for any information about the IST position and will speak offline with McCormick
      7. Jennifer Nesbitt asks for any news on the English position and is told that, at the end of the day, it’s a budget issue. The snapshot is not taken until October. Werner explains that the budget is declining and hasn’t recovered since 9-11. McCormick suggests we have a forensic session to generate some ideas about this situation.
      8. McCormick congratulates Stuart Stelly on the work of the drama club. The four one-act plays were hilarious.
    3. Announcements from University Senators
      1. Casteel - We changed the wording to need at least one and one-half times
      2. Casteel - As a representative, we are looking at proposing a three-credit FYS requirement. Should we list FYS as a graduation requirement or a course that has to be on the books? Should we make it optional as a graduation requirement? The two co-chairs will be meeting, not to vote, just to hear pros and cons. Then the proposal will go to relevant senate committees. We’re unanimous in reference to a three credit FYS.
        1. Farrell - Can’t see what we can do in a one-credit course.
        2. Casteel - We want to incorporate these things in a currently existing class, if we want this as a graduation requirement. The committee is just saying we need to put something forward
      3. Hasan – announcement - The major expense of the University is salary. Concerning our involvement in strategic planning, there is a difference between faculty involvement and faculty representation. Will there be faculty representation? The provost made it clear that there will be faculty involvement, not faculty representation. Faculty involvement means faculty members speak on their own behalf, not on the behalf of the faculty as a whole.
        1. Each unit was using its own definition of diversity. The committee will come up with a uniform definition of diversity to be used with all units.
        2. (McCormick input)—Check with the Office of the Vice Provost for Educational Equity; there is a broad definition. The problem with that uniform definition is that it’s so broad, it covers everyone you can imagine.
        3. Hasan— We are one year late.
      4. Jane Sutton— Faculty Council Update - regarding an email distributed, with attachments
        1. Mark Casteel provides a follow-up on academic integrity. If one is leveling some sanction against some student, the policy is clear that the student has to have due process.
        2. In his role as senator, Casteel addresses First-Year Seminar (FYS). Anything that will satisfy FYS needs to satisfy the following criteria:
          1. A one three-credit course, taught by faculty on tenure track in students college or campus of enrollment without more than 25 students should satisfy other general education requirements.
          2. The course shall be met during the first year of study.
          3. The students shall differentiate legitimate from dishonest
          4. The students shall actively engage in reasoned discussion
          5. The students evaluate scholarship
          6. The students shall collaborate inside or outside of class
          7. The students shall identify or use University or community resources beyond the classroom. (Abul and Leonard will have an opportunity to do Q&A.)
    4. Announcements from Faculty
      1. Ken Swalgin: Non-University Park Athletics
        1. After attending a play on Thursday night, Swalgin encourages others to see students in different environments.
        2. As the faculty athletic representative for the University Athletic Conference, Swalgin was asked to give a report this past September. This Faculty rep must oversee academic integrity, oversee the 1,380 athletes in PSUAC, and collect each campus’ schedule for each team.
        3. On Non-university park athletics, Swalgin reports the differences between our students and other campus students: Our students take longer to graduate than UP students.
        4. The campuses plan to be involved with the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) and will meet to vote to join that national organization. Can’t affiliate without an executive committee is a prerequisite for affiliation, and Swalgin is on that committee.
          1. Cantor asks if our students have to be full-time to participate. (Our students need to be enrolled 12 hours. However, the student does not have to be enrolled full-time for the final credit. Any other time, if they drop below 12 credit hours, they are automatically not eligible. Concerning class attendance, it is up to the faculty member whether or not to count the athlete present.)
          2. Werner asks if there is a membership fee to join and if our students would be playing teams out of state? (The national could be anywhere— Athletes may have to fly or take a bus.)
      2. Announcements from Staff
        No announcements.
      3. Announcements from Student Government representatives
        Not present
      4. Announcements from Senate Chair, Chuck Gaston
  3. Unfinished Business
  4. New Business
    1. Issues concerning low enrollment, budget forms, and "dorms" were discussed, the 550 Lofts in particular.
    2. A forensic meeting should be planned but should not fall on deaf ears.
    3. Since tuition dollars and not head count matters, dual enrollment is a mixed blessing.
    4. McCormick suggests that a forensic session will provide more information for crafting some recommendations and suggests that we do more aggressive recruiting in Northern Maryland. Faculty should suggest that John Romano come offer explanations.
    5. Folker notes that clarity on the budget would help with timing, because no one feels confident initiating a search until they know the budget
    6. Hoch notes that the job advertisement has a disclaimer that the position is dependent on budget issues and that the campus will have to decide which positions are most important and, as a campus, roll the dice.
    7. McCormick advises that one can't treat schools with dorms like schools without dorms, that Mont Alto recruited Vermont students, and Vermont has a reciprocal tuition in- state agreement
    8. Gladfelter notes that part of Penn State York's problem is one of retention.
    9. Hasan suggests that we survey the students that we can in reference to why they do not return, and Christ adds that FYS has a survey.
    10. Benharbit would like to see the effect of not hiring if we are keeping the same quality
      1. Haag suggests that this issue should involve strategic planning more so than the campus faculty at large. It could be more fruitful if strategic planning did this rather than the entire campus. Christ answers: Then we would still have the same questions.
      2. Haag suggests that, if someone from UP can come and go over it, it would be better. It seems the bigger the group, the less direct the discussion gets.
    11. Hasan states that the solution should involve all faculty members, for getting involved in finding the problem may be helpful, for the retention problem is a serious problem.
    12. McCormick states that a national advertisement is not a local cost. The cost is borne by John Romano's office in the University College.
  • Forensic Business
  • Adjournment
    McCormick moves to adjourn. Hasan seconds the move to adjourn.
  • NEXT MEETING: February 7, 2008

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