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B. Babcock, A. Benhardbit, L. Berkowitz, W. Cantor, M. Casteel, H. Darling, D. Eicher-Catt, R. Farrell, T. Getz, J. Gibble, S. Gill, S. Gladfelter, F. Haag, A. Hasan, C. Heydl-Cortinez, D. Harlow, K. Ishida, M. Jarrett, K. Knapp, O. Kucukemiroglu, K. Magni, N. Mpofu, J. Nesbitt, D. Sarafian, S. Shah, N. Sloboda, S. Staton-Taiwo, J. Sutton, K. Swalgin, D. Van de Streek, E. Wenk, V. White, M. Wijesinha, D. Winters, Y. Beattie, S. Bett, S. Christ, M. Grigera, B. Landis, J. McCormick, J. Rodney, S. Werner, K. McElwain, and A. Landis.

  1. Minutes

    Minutes of March 2 meeting were approved without comment.

  2. Communication from administration, faculty, staff, students, and chair
    1. Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses, Dr. John Romano:
      1. celebrated the opening of the Pullo Family Performing Arts Center.
      2. noted the importance of growing enrollment to "emerge from economic challenges that we are faced with."
      3. stressed the importance of cutting costs and lowering tuition.
        Dr. Jane Sutton asked about the University College’s stance on the appropriate ratio of adjunct to full-time faculty. Dr. Romano did not provide a figure but maintained that Universities have changed nationally during recent years and become much more heterogeneous in composition, increasingly employing more adjunct faculty.
    2. Chancellor, Dr. Joel Rodney:
      1. addressed “concerns about the style and substance of leadership” on campus; proposed to work with everyone to change "what can and should be changed."
      2. announced that he was crafting a modified "360 review" for this year; said that he would complete another review in 2006 – 2007.
      3. proposed to increase communication to faculty through weekly e-mails and other mechanisms.
      4. remarked that his vision for the campus is consistent with what it was when he arrived: strengthen what we do; keep strong our majors; keep faculty in as strong a position as possible; maintain appropriate ratio of part-time and tenure-track faculty; make available funds for professional development.
      5. suggested the possibility of exploring an MBA program for York; noted that we are restructuring The Lancaster Center; remarked that we are striving to become a more balanced campus with more arts and humanities programming to offset our strengths in science and engineering.
      6. reported that chancellors have funds to recruit students unlikely to attend Penn State; stated that he would like to shift the focus for those funds, to make them available to recruit students likely to attend Penn State.
      7. noted that the property on the corner of Pine and Boundary is being developed into a private residential facility.
      8. shared that the campus will work with Bradley as it moves from Academy to College status to provide general education services to 700 students.
      9. stated that the campus will continue to pursue students from India, to bring in international students (at the “junior,” or fifth semester, level) who can "pay steady out-of-state tuition."
    3. DAA, Dr. Joe McCormick:
      1. announced that the grants review committee is in place, reviewing Advisory Board Awards and Pullo grants; shared that base numbers for grants to be allocated are $12,000 for ABA and $10,000 for PG.
      2. stated that a committee is in place to review ADAA candidates: Deirdre Folkers, Tony Stelley, and Mary Higgins McCormick
    4. University Senators :
      1. made no comments
    5. Faculty:
      1. Dr. Jennifer Nesbitt announced an "interest meeting" for the planning of Women’s History month on Monday, April 24, at noon, in Room 112, Main Classroom Building.
      2. Dr. Harriett Darling announced that Dr. Borge Carr is giving a presentation on Wednesday, April 19, at 7:00 p.m., in the Community Room.
      3. Dr. Mark Casteel thanked Dr. Deborah-Eicher Catt for her contributions to the campus.
    6. Staff:
      1. Scott Simonds thanked everyone involved in Unity Day.
      2. Sherri Bett updated everyone on the progress of admissions efforts; noted we have not yet reached our goals but are approaching them.
    7. SGA President, Karen McElwain:
      1. announced an SGA picnic and presentation on goals of the student body, to be held on Friday, April 14, at noon, in the Community Room.
      2. shared the student body’s desire to perform staff reviews in the future.
    8. Senate Chair, Mr. Fred Haag:
      1. joined Dr. Mark Casteel in wishing Dr. Deborah Eicher Catt well as she assumes a new position; thanked her for her contributions.
  3. Unfinished Business
    1. No unfinished business was addressed by the Senate
  4. New Business:
    1. Chair of the nominating committee, Dr. Karl Knapp, announced that Dr. Noel Sloboda and Dr. Jennifer Nesbitt are willing to run for Secretary; that no one has stepped forward to run for Chair-elect; that if no one does, everyone eligible will be entered into the running.
    2. Dr. Jane Sutton led a discussion of P&T revisions. No consensus was reached on the document due to its many errors and inconsistencies. A revised document will be forthcoming for a April 18 Senate meeting.
  5. Forensic Business: Reports from Standing Committees:
    1. No forensic business was undertaken by the Senate. No reports were made to the Senate.
  6. Adjournment
  7. Motion to adjourn was approved at 1:18 p.m.
The next Senate meeting will be held during the Fall 2006 semester.

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