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B. Babcock, R. Bacha, C. Bare, A. Benharbit, W. Cantor, M. Casteel, P. Catina, D. Coho, G. Collison, M. Coyle, H. Darling, J. Dawson, C. Dorworth, D. Eicher-Catt, F. Farrell, D. Folkers, C. Gaston, T. Getz, J. Gibble, S. Gill, S. Gladfelter, F. Haag, H. Hartman, A. Hasan, A. Henne, C. Heydl-Cortinez, M. Hoch, A. Huber, K. Ishida, M. Jarrett, E. Jenkins, A. Kara, C. Kennedy, K. Knapp, D. Latzko, K. Magni, M. Marcus, N. Mpofu,J. Nesbitt, L. Newcomer, D. Sarafian, S. Shah, N. Sloboda, J. Smeltzer, S. Staton-Taiwo, J. Sutton, K. Swalgin, K. Trout, D. Van de Streek, E. Wenk, V. White, M. Wijesinha, D. Winters, Y. Beattie, S. Bett, S. Christ, B. Dennis, B. Landis, S. Werner, V. Naglic

Meeting was called to order at 11:55 a.m. by Chair F. Haag.

  1. Minutes
    Minutes of the April 14, 2005 meeting of the Faculty Senate were approved.
  2. The election of a new CWC Senator was deferred pending further instruction from University College.
  3. Open call for announcements and discussion of business:

    No University-wide announcements needed to be made.
    No University Senate business not already on the agenda was reported.
    No University College business was reported.

  4. The Chair requested volunteers for six search committees. Volunteers should contact the office of DAA, J. McCormick, jpm32@psu.edu.
  5. The Promotion and Tenure Committee was elected. C. Heydl-Cortinez was elected chair. Ballots were counted by the Secretary, N. Sloboda. The following faculty members were elected as committee-members: F. Haag, J. Dawson, A. Kara, and J. Sutton. J. Nesbitt assisted in the tallying of ballots.
  6. D. Folkers announced interest among faculty who took Penn State’s “College Teaching” course this summer in running faculty pedagogy colloquia. Folkers was designated as contact for this initiative: daf@psu.edu.
  7. Professional Development funds were discussed. The Chair suggested this might be an issue for the Faculty Affairs Committee. No consensus was reached.
  8. The Preliminary Promotion and Tenure Forensic Report was discussed. University Senator M. Casteel reviewed the report and facilitated discussion. The proposed change centers on removal of one review level in the tenure-granting process. As a result of the forensic action, Casteel explained, a report will go to the Faculty Affairs Committee of the University Senate to serve as a template of its discussion of Promotion and Tenure. Several questions were asked about the feasibility of the proposed changes. Casteel emphasized Jamie Myers’s and George Franz’s interest in feedback. Casteel will transmit written comments to them; he can be reached at mac13@psu.edu. Alternative contacts were also noted: A. Hasan (aqh@psu.edu) and L. Berkowitz (ljb1@psu.edu).
  9. The Chair reminded faculty to announce upcoming trips for this semester. He then announced his class’s trip to Washington D.C. on October 6.
  10. Motion to adjourn was approved at 12:45 p.m.

The next Senate meeting is October 11, 2005, Location TBD

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