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In attendance: B. Babcock, C. Bare, A. Benharbit, B. Broadbent, W. Cantor, M. Casteel, G. Collison, M. Coyle, H. Darling, C. Dorworth, C. Dzubak, D. Eicher-Catt, R. Farrell, C. Gaston, T. Getz, S. Gill, S. Gladfelter, F. Haag, E. Harrison, A. Hasan, A. Henne, C. Heydl-Cortinez, M. Hoch, A. Hubber, L. Itzoe, M. Jarrett, A. Kara, J. Keat, J. Leece, K. Magni, M. Marcus, L. Miller, N. Mpofu, C. Murphy, L. Newcomer, M. Nicholas, J. O’Hara, P. Oles, M. Posenau, D. Russell, D. Sarafian, A. Siddiqui, J. Smeltzer, K. Swalgin, K. Trout, D. Van de Streek, E. Wenk, V. White, M. Wijesinha, D. Winters, L. Berkowitz, S. Christ, D. Gogniat, D. McKeever, R. Engdahl, S. Werner, B. Dennis, W. McGuire, R. Bartell, L. Brewster, F. Miller

Chair Mike Jarrett called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. The minutes of the November 27, 2001 meeting were approved by consensus.



D. Gogniat:

The committee for the DAA will be charged in the near future. Ten more resumes have arrived over the holidays. It is expected that the new DAA will be in place by July 2002.

F. Miller

Frank Miller distributed enrollment highlights for fall semester, 2001 to address a question concerning enrollments in some of the 4-year programs. Page 3 of the report listed the enrollments for all majors.

Frank also stated that there were three students enrolled in the 4EMET program, six students enrolled in the 4-year science program and 27 students enrolled in the LASCC degree for spring semester.

The head count decreased from 2,006 in fall 2000 to 1,954 in fall of 2001. However, the FTE increased over this same time period.

Student Government Association

D. McKeever:

Donation letters were sent out for the THON over the holidays.

SGA is planning activities for Martin Luther King Day. These activities will be discussed in detail at the next senate meeting.



Mentoring Proposal

J. O’Hara:

An updated mentoring proposal was distributed. This version was slightly changed from the previous version distributed in December.

The last part of the first paragraph was changed for clarity. Also, the second sentence of the procedures and guidelines section was also changed for clarity.

L. Itzoe:

Are there any legal ramifications?

J. O’Hara:

The legal ramifications were considered and safeguards were written into the proposal.

M. Jarrett:

The senate will accept this procedure as “best practices”.

A. Hasan:

The proposal should be voted on by the senate.

M. Jarrett:


The proposal was put to a vote. There was one negative vote. The remaining members voted affirmatively. The senate approved the proposal.

L. Newcomer:

Faculty affairs should also consider mentoring for adjunct faculty.

Strategic Planning Committee

K. Swalgin:

A list of major concerns for the SPC was distributed. This is a draft list. Comments from the senate were solicited.

A. Hasan:

Where are these items originated?

D. Gogniat:

Most of the items are originated from the campus committees.

A. Benharbit:

What funding has been made available to promote the 4-year degrees?

S. Werner:

$25K is given to PSY by the Commonwealth College for marketing the 4-year programs.

K. Swalgin:

This list is only a draft. Forward any additional comments to the SPC.

Campus web site


S. Gladfelter:

Web team roles:

  • B. Dennis
    • Helps develop and checks content
    • Insures that PSU web policies/guidelines are followed
    • Prioritizes posting new pages and updates
    • First point of contact for faculty/staff
  • Loren Brewster
    • Supervises IST interns who implement (and assist in designing) web pages
    • Responsible for hardware needed to keep the PSY website functioning
  • Suzanne Gladfelter
    • Leads web team
    • Approves, oversees, directs and manages website
    • Works with and researches website design issues

Barb Dennis should be the first point of contact for new pages and/or updates to existing pages.

The student interns, Bob Bartell and Wyatt McGuire, are responsible for implementing the web content.

John Pietrolaj is responsible for taking faculty photographs.

The web team reports to the Futures committee. Barb Dennis and Suzanne Gladfelter are also members of the futures committee.

The web site is a major marketing tool. Suzanne Gladfelter requests that all faculty and staff solicit and provide feedback on the new PSY website.

Faculty and staff should take responsibility for reviewing their personal web pages and their department web pages.

The campus senate information is out of date. Mike Jarrett was asked to update the campus senate’s web pages.

Many of the web addresses have been changed with the new website. Everyone was asked to update their web page links in publications and brochures to reflect these changes. If there is published material with an old link, contact B. Dennis and a redirect page will be installed at the old address on a temporary basis.

There is an ongoing design effort to update all of the PSY web pages.

M. Casteel:

Recommends that a link to the Penn State York library be included on the home page. The information is difficult to find.

S. Gladfelter:

This issue will be addressed. The number of links on the home page are limited and had already been agreed upon. The library links will probably be made more prominent on the applicable second level pages.

M. Casteel:

Do your personal web pages need to have the PSU logo in the upper left hand corner?

S. Gladfelter:

No. Personal web pages are exempt from this requirement.

D. Van De Streek:

Many people in the community also utilize the library frequently. The link to the library should be made more accessible.

A. Hasan:

The same issue with the library link was expressed.

Suggested that pull down menus be included for items like the library.

Previously, the chair of the senate was given access to the web space so that the pages could be updated directly. Suggested that this practice be continued.

Are there limitations on the personal web pages?

B. Dennis:

You cannot provide links to a personal business on your personal web pages (e.g. Avon, Amway).

C. Murphy:

Does the campus senate information have to be on the web?

A. Hasan:

The information should be on the web.

M. Jarrett:

Many people look to the web first for information.

Mike will take the responsibility to get the senate information updated.

S. Gladfelter:

Updating content is easy. You can give Barb Dennis a marked-up hard copy or a document in most any electronic formats, including a Word document.

L. Berkowitz:

All of the information on the web is public. Information can be placed on the i drive if it is not for public consumption. The senate should consider whether the information is for the public to view before placing it on the web.

B. Dennis:

There are many old pages on the website that have misspellings or poor grammar. These pages are being reviewed. However, there are numerous pages that have yet to be reviewed. Barb Dennis should be notified if any typos, misspellings and/or grammar issues are found on any of the PSY web pages.

L. Newcomer:

The web team and the IST interns should be commended for a job well done.

Old Business

M. Jarrett:

The Exit Interview Officer (EIO) will continue to be appointed by the CEO. Let M. Jarrett know if you would like this changed.

The EIO can be a retired PSY faculty member.

D. Gogniat:

If anyone has recommendations for the EIO, contact Don Gogniat within a week. A new EIO will be appointed soon.

Chair Jarrett adjourned the meeting at 2:25 p.m.

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