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In attendance: R. Bacha, C. Bare, A. Benharbit, L. Berkowitz, B. Broadbent, W. Cantor, M. Casteel, D. Coho, M. Coyle, H. Darling, C. Dorworth, C. Dzubak, R. Farrell, T. Getz, S. Gladfelter, F. Haag, E. Harrison, A. Hasan, C. Heydl-Cortinez, R. Himmer, L. Itzoe, M. Jarrett, A. Kara, J. Keat, O. Kucukemiroglu, D. Latzko, J. Leece, C. Murphy, M. Nicholas, J. O’Hara, S. Robinson, D. Russell, D. Sarafian, A. Siddiqui, J. Sutton, K. Swalgin, K. Trout, D. Van de Streek, E. Wenk, V. White, D. Winters, G. Rutledge, S. Kelley, D. Gogniat, D. McKeever, J. Pietrolaj, C. Clancy, S. Werner

Chair Ali Kara called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m.

The minutes of the February 8 meeting were approved by consensus.



D. Gogniat:

An architect was hired on 3/14 for the planning of the new buildings.

A Summer 2003 opening is the latest anticipated opening.

All parties are moving forward on plans for a residential unit of approximately 400 units on the city side of the creek.

The mulch area will become the facility’s parking lot.

Over $100,000 has been spent on the project to date.

Students could be recruited for dorms for Fall 2002.

The cost would be approximately $400/month, and many current students have expressed interest.

Solicitations for anybody to speak about current trends in his/her discipline to high school honors students in the area.

A modified 360-evaluation inclusive of all campus employees will be attempted in the spring.

The last such evaluation occurred 4-5 years ago.

Strategic Planning

K. Swalgin:

SWOT analysis composite results were distributed to the senate.

The composite results take into account the analysis of the Advisory board, front-line staff, faculty, support staff, and students.

A separate sheet detailing student SWOT analysis results was also distributed.

University Senators

Some changes in general education definitions have been discussed to add curricular flexibility.

Approximately 15 to 18 reports will be forthcoming at the next senate meeting.

A proposal has been made to provide adoption benefits for faculty.

A proposal has been made to amend the student discipline system.

Jane Sutton requests commentary on any possible revisions for the current university calendar (date of fall break, holidays, etc.).

Student Government

D. McKeever:

THON raised $3.6 million this year.

Two York students, Nikki Lentz and Lee Lenkner, participated for the entire 48 hours, and three York students, Dustin McKeever, Melanie Riddle, and John Anthony, went along as support.

Approximately $200,000 was raised in the subsection to which the York campus belongs, and the York campus itself raised approximately $2,500.

Boxes have been placed around campus for the Bell Family


Donations of toiletry items are solicited, and the boxes will be in place for the foreseeable future.

April 2-6 is Community Service Week.

Faculty are urged to be lenient for students who wish to participate in some community service in lieu of attending class.


J. O’Hara:

Mike Marcus will be giving a faculty colloquium entitled “Teaching Methodology for Project Teams” on Thursday, March 22, from 12:15 to 1:15 p.m., in IST 107.


A. Kara:

The next senate meeting has been changed from Thursday, April 12 to Thursday, April 19.

Bob Farrell has been added to the Futures Committee.

One additional faculty member is needed to balance out the representation.

Please contact the chair if you would be interested in serving.

Message from L. Newcomer: Based on senate discussion, the Info Tech Committee has decided to avoid changing its parameters and will concentrate on macro-level issues like the campus web page and IDS.


CWC Senator nominations:

Mike Jarrett and Abul Hasan

Ombudsperson nominations (must vote for two candidates):

Ben Benharbit, Linda Itzoe, Jim O’Hara

Curricular Affairs

B. Benharbit:

The Bachelor of Science degree was submitted for approval to meet a required deadline, though it is contingent on senate approval.

The committee will review its minutes and the minutes of the senate to determine if such approval has already been given.

The degree is currently offered at UP and at other colleges in the system.

At York, two options would be offered: General Science and Life Science.

Discussion is underway for a pilot option to be run at the York campus as well.

The faculty is in place to handle the demand for the degree, and the facilities are adequate.

The degree program would compliment the other degrees currently offered at the campus and would give students a grounding in scientific thinking as well as prepare them for lab management, professional and graduate school, etc.

Most of the science faculty met with the dean of Eberley College of Science on February 27 to discuss the degree.

In a February survey of students, 73 positive responses were returned for the program.

The science faculty strongly supports the degree.

E. Harrison:

Of the 328 returned surveys on the question of the science degree, 83 students said they would be interested in the degree and 42 provided contact information for additional information.

B. Himmer:

The final proposal for the degree needs to be circulated to the faculty before final approval so that it can be fully consider.

New Courseware Policy

M. Casteel/L. Berkowitz:

A new courseware policy will be brought up at the April Senate meeting which could change faculty rights to anything put on-line or produced under the auspices of a grant or a commission.

A text of the discussion has been circulated.

Comments can be directed to any of the University Senators (Len Berkowitz, Mark Casteel, Jane Sutton) or sent directly to Tom Jackson at



Exit Interview Officer

J. O’Hara:

A motion put forward by Faculty Affairs for the appointment of an Exit Interview Officer was discussed.

Chair O’Hara agreed to return the current motion to the committee for suggested revisions, and the motion will be revisited at the next senate meeting.

Ex-oficio members of committees

A. Kara:

Chair Kara raised the issue of the propriety of ex-oficio members of committees being permitted to be co-chairs of such committees.

After discussion, the chair agreed to table the issue and return to it at the next senate meeting.

Chair Kara adjourned the meeting at 1:24 p.m.

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