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In attendance: B. Babcock, C. Bare, A. Benharbit, B. Broadbent, W. Cantor, M. Casteel, D. Coho, G. Collison, E. Cooper, M. Coyle, J. Crivaro, C. Dzubak, R. Ellis, R. Farrell, C. Gaston, T. Getz, S. Gladfelter, F. Haag, E. Harrison, A. Hasan, R. Himmer, L. Itzoe, M. Jarrett, A. Kara, O. Kucukemiroglu, D. Latzko, J. Leece, M. Marcus, C. Murphy, M. Nicholas, J. O?Hara, T. Parks, C. Plumb, M. Posenau, D. Russell, D. Sarafian, A. Siddiqui, K. Trout, D. Van de Streek, M. Wijesinha, J. Noll, R. O?Connell, S. Christ, W. Eaton, D. Gogniat, B. Dennis, D. Blackstock, J. Hake, S. Sullivan, S. Werner


Chair Gary Collison called the meeting to order at 12:10 PM. The minutes of the December 7th meeting were approved by consensus.



D. Gogniat:

  • A. Siddiqui is the new chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. Thanks to C. Gaston for his service as chair. Three people need to be elected to openings on the SPC.
  • The Strasser Person of the Quarter awards: the support staff and the administration vote their recipients; the student award has gone to the holder of the Walker award; the faculty award has gone to the recipient of the faculty teaching award. With the renaming of the teaching award in honor of J. Burness, should we change how the faculty award recipient is selected?
  • A committee to nominate York campus-people for University-wide awards should be established.
  • The Support Services Committee recommends changing the name of the Computer/Bookstore Building to the Information Sciences and Technology Center. A discussion of the name-change process ensued. The name-change proposal will be on next month?s Senate agenda .
  • The State of the Campus Report will be given on January 26 during the lunch hour. The report will focus on where we as a campus are going.
  • The AD14 review for D. Gogniat is scheduled for the first week in April.
  • The Scrounge video will be sown nationally during halftime of Penn State basketball games. It was announced that the video will be on the Scrounge web site within the next two weeks.
  • Rotary fellowships for teaching internationally are available. It pays $23,000.

W. Eaton:

  • 21 of the LAS surveys have been returned so far. 7 respondents would definitely sign up for Fall 2000; 12 reported that they would not. The LAS proposal will be sent to University Park by mid-February. We are planning the fall schedule as if there were no 4LAS program. After program approval, a group will decide what courses we would like to add in the fall.


G. Collison:

  • Nominations are sought for the Strategic Planning Committee. Members serve three years. Current faculty representatives are C. Gaston, A. Kara, J. O?Hara, and A. Siddiqui.
  • The committee assignment preference sheets should be returned as soon as possible.
  • The next Senate meeting is Thursday, February 10. The HDFS proposal will be discussed. Send any agenda items as soon as you can.

University Senators:

M. Casteel: The next University Senate meeting is in two weeks.

Commonwealth College Senators:

M. Jarrett: The next CWC Senate meeting is February 8.


A. Kara: He would like to hear from the faculty about issues to discuss at the staff meetings.



SGA President:

J. Hake: The Martin Luther King Day of Service will have 5 or 6 places where students can go do service. Also, students can serve as mentors to high school students. All are invited to lunch in the Community Room.


C. Dzubak reported on the Learning Center. There were 576 student contacts during the 1998/99 academic year. Contacts rose 23 percent over the previous year. The majority of contacts were math, computer science, and natural science related. 55 tutors put in 1448 tutoring hours; including professional tutors raises the total to 2200 hours. There was a 75 percent increase in professional contacts and a 60 percent increase in tests administered. 71 percent of contact students received a C or higher in the courses for which they received tutoring; 17 percent received A?s. If an instructor feels that a study group would be beneficial for a class, contact the Learning Center and it will find a group leader and provide study space.


Pullo-Advisory Board Review Process

A discussion of the Advisory Board Grant proposal evaluation process ensued. W. Eaton stated that he is amenable to whatever the faculty wants. A proposal will be made at the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 1:18 PM.

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