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In attendance: B. Babcock, C. Bare, A. Benharbit, L. Berkowitz, B. Broadbent, W. Cantor, M. Casteel, D. Coho, G. Collison, E. Cooper, M. Coyle, H. Darling, R. Farrell, C. Gaston, T. Getz, S. Gladfelter, F. Haag, R. Himmer, L. Itzoe, M. Jarrett, A. Kara, J. Keat, D. Latzko, J. Leece, M. Marcus, C. Murphy, M. Nicholas, J. O'Hara, T. Parks, C. Plumb, M. Posenau, D. Russell, A. Siddiqui, J. Smeltzer, J. Sutton, M. Wijesinha, D. Winters, J. Noll, R. O'Connell, S. Christ, W. Eaton, D. Gogniat, B. Gill-McDonald, C. Clancy, B. Landis, T. Riley, S. Werner, N. Flesher

Chair Gary Collison called the meeting to order at 12:11 PM. The minutes of the February 10th meeting were approved by consensus.




D. Gogniat

  • Residence hall builders from Atlanta, GA have met with the city. Current plans are for a 250 unit facility. More information will be forthcoming.
  • The AD-14 schedule will be out shortly. Faculty, student, and staff meetings will be scheduled for April 4.


W. Eaton

  • 6 or 7 searches will be conducted next year. 3 are replacements plus IST, Business, and Speech.
  • The deadline for committing to go for promotion will be moved to April so that materials can be provided to external reviewers before the summer.
  • The 4LAS proposal is on Dean Strasser's desk awaiting his signature. Final approval comes from John Cahir.



G. Collison:

  • The Chair asks that announcements also be circulated to the faculty and the campus community by e-mail.


University Senators:

J. Sutton:

  • The Undergraduate Advising Council will have resources on its web site. We can develop our own web pages for our 4LAS and BSB programs.
  • The HR-23 proposal passed. Promotion and tenure are linked. The tenure criteria are the criteria for promotion. The burden of proof is on a committee or administrator to separate tenure and promotion.
  • Information on a gender bias in promotion and tenure over the last 7 years is available as is information on grade inflation.


M. Casteel:

  • The tenure rate is 60 percent.
  • The data does not support the notion that University Park does not support CWC faculty in P&T decisions.
  • Non-degree conditional students may register for 12 credits instead of 10.
  • The Academic Integrity report institutes a grade of XF for egregious cases of academic dishonesty. Students can get the XF removed. The report has gone to President Spanier's desk. Tracking of multiple offenders will occur.


Commonwealth College Senators:

M. Jarrett:

  • Information about the CWC Awards has been forwarded.


Diversity Committee:

S. Christ:

  • The Climate Survey will be distributed to all faculty and staff mailboxes as well as to students in 10 o'clock classes on March 27. Return boxes will be set up throughout the campus. A $1 coupon for the Lion's Den will be given to those who return their survey.
  • Unity Day is Wednesday, April 5.



no report



2HFDS Proposal

"The Curricular Affairs Committee requests the Campus Senate's approval for offering Fall 2000, the Associate Degree in Human Development and Family Studies (Children, Youth and Family Services Option) as described in the Associate Degree Programs Bulletin (1998-2000)."

The motion was approved.


Membership of Campus Grant Review Committees

The Faculty Affairs Committee moved that "Every January, the chair of Faculty Affairs shall appoint five faculty, one from each of the campus's five academic units, to choose one faculty member from their respective academic units to serve with the DAA on a Campus Grant Review Committee. Typically, the chair of Faculty Affairs shall appoint faculty already serving as planning coordinators within their academic units. These faculty shall, in turn, choose faculty members not submitting campus grant proposals to serve on the Grant Review Committee. There is to be no administrative or senate approval of Grant Review Committee members, though members of the committee should make themselves known to the chair of Faculty Affairs so that he or she can announce the committee roster to Campus Senate."

The motion was approved.



A discussion was held on the proposed CWC guidelines for the promotion of full-time, non-tenure track faculty. Direct any comments via e-mail to M. Jarrett.

T. Parks and A. Kara presented an informational report on the BSB Professional Track program.


The next Senate meeting is Thursday, April 13. The meeting adjourned at 1:19 PM.

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