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Robert Bartell, Dennis Baughman, William Cantor, Mark Casteel, Marshall Coyle, Harriet Darling, Cora Dzubak, Barbara Eshbach, Robert Farrell, Ann Fetterman, Deirdre Folkers, Charles Gaston, Sukhdeep Gill, Frederick Haag, Harley Hartman, Arthur Henne, Cecilia Heydl-Cortinez, Ali Kara, Orsay Kucukemiroglu, Andy Landis, Kerry Magni, Josie Moore, Maureen Muller-Kahle, Jennifer Nesbitt, Larry Newcomer, Javed Siddique, Abdul Siddiqui, Noel Sloboda, Stuart Stelly, Ken Swalgin, Emily Wenk, Manel Wijesinha, Anne Zardo-Zalik, Jane Emery, Jeff Warner, Patrick Tanner, Andrew Caldwell, Holly Gumke, Sue Ruch, John Romano, Karen Sheehe, Suzanne Shaffer, and Mary Ritchey.

  1. Meeting called to order at 12:23 p.m.
  2. Minutes from the December 6, 2012, meeting 
    1. Minutes approved.
  3. Communications from the administration, faculty, and committees
    1. Announcements from the Office of Chancellor, Dr. John Romano.
      1. None
    2. Announcements from the Interim DAA, Bob Farrell
      1. Bob Farrell made a few follow-up comments regarding his handout entitled “DAA Report to the Campus Senate January 3rd”
        1. Bob reminded us that January 28 is the deadline for submitting the Faculty Activity Report. Pre-March conferences will begin February 1.
        2. Bob acknowledged he has received reports from two of the three academic units, but he is still waiting for a report from the Social/Behavioral Sciences and Information Sciences and Technology unit regarding Accounting and Psychology.
        3. Bob announced that interviews have been completed for the HDFS tenure track position, and an offer has been made.
        4. Bob reminded us to upload our syllabi to the ANGEL website.
        5. Bob also mentioned the Early Progress Reports, snow schedules, the first ten days of classes, and why it is important to invite our adjuncts.
      2. Announcements from University Senators
        1. None
      3. Announcements from Faculty Council Representative, Sukhdeep Gill
        1. None
      4. Announcements from Faculty
        1. Marshall Coyle announced that Penn State York will be hosting the First Tech Challenge (FTC), a robotics tournament, in the Joe and Rosie Ruhl Student Community Center on Saturday, January 19 from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. 
      5. Announcements from Staff 
        1.  Suzanne Shaffer, on behalf of Dianne Creagh, reminded us about the “Hearts and Flowers” program.
        2. Suzanne Shaffer announced that there will be numerous faculty professional development opportunities this spring including a “Course in College Teaching Part II”.
        3. Holly Gumke announced that the Chancellor’s suite in the Romano building is close to being finished with an estimated completion date of end of January.
        4. Patrick Tanner announced that the EMT (Enrollment Management Team) is now meeting every week, and he encouraged us to suggest action items.
        5. Holly Gumke announced that Dr. Romano will be hosting a “Mid-Winter Reprieve” party on Friday, February 1 at the Romano residence. Invitations will be sent out via email.
      6. Announcements from the Student Government Association (SGA)
        1. None
      7. Announcements from Senate Chair, Emily Wenk
        1. Emily Wenk reminded the committee chairs that the spring semester kickoff meeting will be scheduled within the next week or two.
        2. Emily announced that a nominating committee for next year’s senate elected officials will be formed in the near future. She asked us to consider participating on that committee.
        3. Emily brought to our attention that our campus senate bylaws are somewhat out of date, and she would like to form an ad-hoc committee this semester to review the bylaws and make the revisions.
      8. Announcements from Senate Chair-Elect, Sukhdeep Gill
        1. None
      9. Announcements from Senate Committee Chairs
        1. None
      10. Unfinished Business
        1. None
      11. New Business
        1. Anne Vardo-Zalik, co-chair of the Academic Student Issues Committee, motioned to add the Director of Academic Affairs (DAA) as an ex-officio member to the Academic Advising Council Subcommittee bylaws description.
          1. The wording of the Academic Advising Council Subcommittee bylaw description should be revised to read: “This subcommittee is composed of the Academic Advising Award winners from the three preceding years and two student members selected by the SGA. The DUS Programs Coordinator, the DUS adviser, and the Director of Academic Affairs are ex officio members of this subcommittee. The subcommittee will function as prescribed in the rules and procedures governing the Academic Advising Award. In addition, the subcommittee will be responsible for actively addressing the needs of the campus advising system. The faculty members of this subcommittee select one of themselves as their chair.”
          2. The motion passed.
      12. Forensic Business
        1. None        
      13. Adjournment
        1. Motion to adjourn was approved at 12:37 p.m.
      14. Next meeting will be held on February 7, 2013

Respectfully submitted,    
Bob Bartell