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Bruce Babcock, Robert Bartell, Dennis Baughman, William Cantor, Mark Casteel, Kristin Cole, Marshall Coyle, Dianne Creagh, Harriet Darling, Joe Downing, Deborah Eicher-Catt, Barbara Eshbach, Robert Farrell, Ann Fetterman, Deirdre Folkers, Charles Gaston, Sukhdeep Gill, Andrea Giorgioni, Frederick Haag, Harley Hartman, Abul Hasan, Art Henne, Cecilia Heydl-Cortinez, Michael Jarrett, Ed Jenkins, Ali Kara, Orsay Kucukemiroglu, Andy Landis, David Latzko, Fulgentius Lugemwa, Kerry Magni, Michael Marcus, Josie Moore, M. Muller-Kahle, Jennifer Nesbitt, Larry Newcomer, Samir Shah, Javed Siddique, Abdul Siddiqui, Joan Smeltzer, Ken Swalgin, Emily Wenk, Manel Wijesinha, Jane Emery, Jeffrey Warner, Patrick Tanner, Loren Brewster, Andrew Caldwell, Sharon Christ, Barbara Dennis, Holly Gumke, LeighAnn Myers, Sue Ruch, John Romano, Suzanne Shaffer, Terri Van Slyke, Shaun Turner, and Bill Vangreen.

  1. I. Meeting called to order at 12:08 p.m.
  2. II. Minutes from the April 24, 2012, meeting  
    1. A. Minutes approved (with one name correction) as submitted
  3. III. Communications from the administration, faculty, and committees
    1. A. Announcements from the Office of Chancellor, Dr. John Romano.
      1. 1. John Romano expressed his interest in working with the campus senate and thanked Deborah Eicher-Catt for her leadership as Senate Chair this past academic year.
      2. 2. He expressed his confidence that by working together we can solve the issues before us and tackle as many issues as we possibly can.
    2. B. Announcements from the Interim DAA, Bob Farrell
      1. 1. Bob Farrell reminded faculty to review classroom policies including no regular early dismissal; clear communication with students regarding graded materials while striving for a quick turnaround time; student email/phone responses should be made within 24 – 48 hours; keeping office hours (Advising and Career Center now has copy too); report student no shows within first seven ten days (i.e. three or four class meetings). Deirdre Folkers indicated that she would provide everyone with a reminder of the email address by which faculty can notify campus staff of students who are not attending your classes.
      2. 2. Bob also mentioned the need for the election of a local Promotion and Tenure (P&T) committee for reviews coming up this year. Six faculty are scheduled for review – Dianne Creagh and Joe Downing (sixth year); Fulgentius Lugemwa (fifth year); Kristin Cole, Javed Siddiqui, and Jean Clair-Cristman (second year).
    3. C. Announcements from University Senators
      1. 1. Mark Casteel announced that the first meeting will be on Wednesday. The meeting agenda talking points will include the sanctions report letter to the NCAA/Big Ten regarding procedural problems. The talking points can be found on the University Senate website.
      2. 2. Deirdre Folkers reminded us to pass larger issues on to University Senators – Mark Casteel, Deirdre Folkers, and Jane Sutton. Robert Farrell has stepped down due to his position as Interim DAA.
    4. D. Announcements from Faculty Council Representative, Sukhdeep Gill
      1. 1. Sukhdeep Gill announced that the Core Council document sent after the April 17, 2012 meeting was voted on, approved and sent to the University College.
    5. E. Announcements from Faculty
      1. 1. None
    6. F. Announcements from Staff
      1. 1. Di Hershey announced that the County Cup Rotary Club “Croquet for a Cure” fundraising event will be held at the York Revolution Stadium. Jennifer Nesbitt and Josie Moore will represent the campus.
      2. 2. Katie Hoffman introduced the bookstore and encouraged faculty to submit book orders early. Early submissions have provided $155,000 in savings to students and $5.5 million in savings to students Penn State-wide.
      3. 3. Katie also mentioned the textbook rental program can save students 50% and that books are available in used and new condition, and also in digital format.
      4. 4. Holly Gumke gave an update on the renovations to the Chancellor’s office suite. Details are available in emails that Holly sent out.
      5. 5. Holly also sent out an email regarding the Chancellor’s search.
      6. 6. Patrick Tanner noted that due to the renovations our counselor has relocated to the Student Affairs suite.
    7. G. Announcements from the Student Government Association (SGA)
      1. 1. None
    8. H. Announcements from Senate Chair, Emily Wenk
      1. 1. Emily Wenk thanked Robert Farrell for redesigning our faculty orientation.
      2. 2. Emily stated she will be finalizing committee memberships and chairs. The Campus Senate website will reflect these changes once memberships are finalized.
      3. 3. Emily noted that the Advising Award committee has been renamed the Academic Advising Council.
      4. 4. Emily announced that elections for Unit Head and Unit Representative (for strategic planning) need to occur.
    9. I. Announcements from Senate Chair-Elect, Sukhdeep Gill
      1. 1. None
    10. J. Announcements from Senate Committee Chairs
      1. 1. None
  4. IV. Unfinished Business
    1. 1. None
  5. V. New Business
    1. A. Election for Promotion and Tenure (P&T) committee chair
      1. 1. Cecilia Heydl-Cortinez was elected chair.
    2. B. Election for new Promotion and Tenure (P&T) committee members. The P&T committee will be considering two sixth year reviews, one fifth year review, and three second year reviews.
      1. 1. Deborah Eicher-Catt and Mark Casteel were elected as core committee members.
    3. C. Nominations for faculty representatives to the Enrollment Management Task Force (one tenure line and one instructor).
      1. 1. Jean Marie Cristman (tenure line) and Deirdre Folkers (instructor) were appointed (no ballot).
    4. D. Nomination for faculty representative to the Student Activities Fee Committee
      1. 1. Bob Bartell will serve a second year (no ballot).
    5. E. Selection of a Pullo Performing Arts Center liaison
      1. 1. Jennifer Nesbitt was appointed (no ballot).
    6. F. Strategic Planning Committee Update – Sharon Christ, chair
      1. 1. Sharon conveyed information regarding the campus interim strategic plan that was sent last week.
      2. 2. A hold was placed on new the strategic planning schedule until a new president comes down. The next plan will likely span the years 2014-19, with planning beginning spring of 2013.
      3. 3. The campus’s previous plan was reviewed, and it was decided a “facelift” was needed to help guide the campus during this interim two-year time period.
      4. 4. The first campus meeting was held in mid-march. There were also town meetings. The Core Council letter/recommendations and the interim plan including the mission/vision statements were mailed out for review/inputs/comments/ideas.
      5. 5. The values in the plan were taken from the University website and included in our campus plan.
      6. 6. The new pieces of the plan included strategic priorities/initiatives. These included: (1) taking a look at identity/image; (2) recruitment; and, (3) retention.
      7. 7. The committee went on to develop goals/strategies/strategic indicators which were disseminated via email.
      8. 8. Now action plans must come up through the campus community.
      9. 9. The next step will be hearing from committee as whole, and getting the action steps done by end of fall.
    7. G. Graham Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (Bill Cantor and Mike Kays)
      1. 1. Bill stated that a few years ago Graham Packaging had given the campus a grant to start an entrepreneurial program.
      2. 2. A team was put together that consists of Di Hershey, Ali Kara, Harley Hartman, Bill Cantor, and Bob Farrell. The team met last academic year to come up with ideas.
      3. 3. Mike Kays gave a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the ideas the team came up with.
      4. 4. The program is asking faculty to nominate students from key disciplines (at present, IST, business, and engineering) to participate in the program.
      5. 5. Students would gain real life experience while forming partnerships with local industry.
      6. 6. The model could be extended to include other units such as the social sciences.
  6. VI. Forensic Business
    1. A. None
  7. VII. Adjournment
    1. A. Motion to adjourn was approved at 1:24 p.m.
      1. 1. Motion made by Dianne Creagh
      2. 2. Motion seconded by Fred Haag
  8. VIII. Next meeting will be held on October 9, 2012
  9. Respectfully submitted,
  10. Bob Bartell