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Bruce Babcock, Robert Bartell, Dennis Baughman, Mark Casteel, Dianne Creagh, Harriet Darling, Joe Downing, Deborah Eicher-Catt, Barbara Eshbach, Robert Farrell, Deirdre Folkers, Charles Gaston, Sukhdeep Gill, Frederick Haag, Abul Hasan, Cecilia Heydl-Cortinez, Michael Jarrett, Ali Kara, Andy Landis, Kerry Magni, Michael Marcus, Jennifer Nesbitt, Larry Newcomer, Duke Sarafian, Samir Shah, Abdul Siddiqui, Noel Sloboda, Joan Smeltzer, Ken Swalgin, Emily Wenk, Anne Zardo-Zalik, Patrick Tanner, Andrew Caldwell, Sharon Christ, Sue Ruch, John Romano, Karen Sheehe, Suzanne Shaffer, and Shaun Turner.

  1. I. Meeting called to order at 12:11 p.m.
  2. II. Minutes from the November 8, 2012, meeting 
    1. A. Minutes approved as corrected.
  3. III.   Communications from the administration, faculty, and committees
    1. A. Announcements from the Office of Chancellor, Dr. John Romano. 
      1. 1. Dr. Romano thanked Dr. Jennifer Nesbitt and the Chancellor Search Committee for their work.
      2.  2. Dr. Romano summarized his meeting with the Academic Leadership Council. The meeting included a presentation on higher education issues. Dr. Romano stated that: 
        1. a.  Faculty/staff appointments need to continue to focus on diversity. 
        2. b.  Alumni donations are down nineteen percent this year compared to last year.
        3. c.  Research funding at the University totals $788 million which is four percent ahead of where we were at this time last year. However, federal/state constraints may lead to a decline in research funding dollars which demands that higher education find ways to create lower cost quality degrees.
        4. d.  Baccalaureate degree applications are down twenty percent from where they were last year at this time. Factors for this decrease may include the impact of hurricane Sandy on our New York/New Jersey marketing region, students tending to apply at fewer universities, and high student debt.
      3. 3. Dr. Romano emphasized that effective and efficient delivery of high quality curriculum is critical.
    2. A. Announcements from the Interim DAA, Bob Farrell
      1. 1. Bob Farrell announced his DAA report to the campus senate was sent via email. He noted that there was one minor typo and one addition to the report.
        1. a.  Item number two was corrected to read “Please make every effort to post the grades for your course(s) no later than forty-eight hours after administering the final exam.”
        2. b.  An item number eight was added - that there will be an acoustical upgrade to room 3, John J. Romano Administration Building.
      2. B. Announcements from University Senators
        1. 1. Mark Casteel mentioned three agenda items of particular interest to those of us from the University College.
          1. a.  A forensic discussion on the trend of the ratio of standing to fixed term faculty over the last twenty years. The trend has shown an increasing reliance on fixed term faculty. Mark mentioned that the transcript of the discussion is on the senate website.
            b.  There was a resolution held over from the previous meeting that expressed senate support for Rodney Erickson, the Board of Trustees, etc. that was characterized as cheerleading for Penn State, but now appeared as self-serving. The motion was withdrawn.
            c.  There was a discussion on student transition from campuses to University Park. The data showed students transitioning from campuses to University Park dropped in grade point average, but their graduation rates were higher than those that started at University Park. Mark mentioned that the report is available on the senate website. 
        2. 2. Deirdre Folkers added that there is a University Senate self-study group which occurs every ten years that is soliciting input to a number of questions. Deirdre stated that she would email information so that those interested can provide input.  
      3. C. Announcements from Faculty Council Representative, Sukhdeep Gill
        1. 1. Sukhdeep Gill announced that their next meeting is scheduled for January.
      4. D. Announcements from Faculty
        1. 1. Jennifer Nesbitt stated that comments regarding the Chancellor finalists are to be sent to Lisa Squire by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow (December 7).
          2. Jennifer thanked the search committee members; those that helped support the search committee members; and, all of the campus visit volunteers. Jennifer gave specific thanks to Kevin Bievenour, Alana Werner, Mike Jarrett, and Jane Pflaum. 
      5. F. Announcements from Staff 
        1. 1. Patrick Tanner announced that the “Late Night Breakfast” will be held the Monday night of finals week. Volunteers are welcome.
          2. Patrick reminded faculty of the Student Activity Fee funded “Take Your Faculty/Student to Lunch” program and encouraged faculty to take a student to a free lunch.
          3. Patrick announced that the HDFS 455 program will be on Monday night.
      6. G. Announcements from the Student Government Association (SGA)
        1. 1. None
      7. H. Announcements from Senate Chair, Emily Wenk
        1. 1. Emily Wenk thanked Dr. Nesbitt and the search committee for their chancellor search work.
          2. Emily announced the dates/times/locations for the Spring semester campus senate meetings. She mentioned the meeting schedule was sent out via email as well. 
          3. Emily announced that fall commencement will be held Friday, December 21 and encouraged everyone to attend/participate.
      8. I. Announcements from Senate Chair-Elect, Sukhdeep Gill
        1. 1. None
      9. J. Announcements from Senate Committee Chairs
        1. 1. Each committee chair/representative reported to the assembly (written committee reports were distributed with the December 6 meeting agenda (with the exception of Faculty Affairs)).

         V.    Unfinished Business

  1. 1. None
  1. VI.   New Business
    1. 1. None
  2. VI.      Forensic Business 
    1. A. Karen Sheehe, Director of Continuing Education, Penn State York and Penn State, The Lancaster Cente
      1. 1. Karen Sheehe provided an update of changes that have occurred with Continuing Education. 
        2. Karen mentioned that Continuing Education has been reviewed at both the campus level and by a University-wide task force.
        3. The York and Lancaster Center units have been combined per the Core Council letter. 
        4. The location at Lancaster has been greatly reduced in size. They are now collocated with the Lancaster County Cooperative Extension.
        5. Karen highlighted points from the University-wide task force summary report. Points included:
        1. a.  A change in reporting of directors of continuing education across the state will go back to the campus level beginning July 1, 2015. 
          b.  The consideration of a more contemporary designation of CE as a custom delivery unit closely aligned with the local workforce needs.
          c.  A transition team is under development to transition the state-wide continuing education office to the office of the Vice-president of the University College. 
          1. 6. Karen stated that the mission of Continuing Education at Penn State York remains unchanged.
          2. 7. Karen shared new opportunities being provided by Continuing Education including an accelerated B.S. in Business degree at The Lancaster Center beginning this spring semester; and, a BSB at York offered via the Video Learning Network on Saturdays next fall semester.                   
  3. VII.  Adjournment 
            A. Motion to adjourn was approved at 1:18 p.m. 
                1. Motion made by Abul Hasan   
                2. Motion seconded by Mark Castell
    VIII.   Next meeting will be held on January 3, 2012

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Bartell