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Bruce Babcock, Robert Bartell, Dennis Baughman, William Cantor, Mark Casteel, Kristin Cole, Marshall Coyle, Dianne Creagh, Harriet Darling, Joe Downing, Deborah Eicher-Catt, Barbara Eshbach, Robert Farrell, Deirdre Folkers, Sukhdeep Gill, Frederick Haag, Cecilia Heydl-Cortinez, Michael Jarrett, Ed Jenkins, Andy Landis, Kerry Magni, Michael Marcus, Josie Moore, M. Muller-Kahle, Jennifer Nesbitt, Larry Newcomer, Duke Sarafian, Samir Shah, Javed Siddique, Abdul Siddiqui, Emily Wenk, Anne Zardo-Zalik, Heidi Deren, Jane Emery, Jeffrey Warner, Patrick Tanner, Andrew Caldwell, Holly Gumke, Sue Ruch, John Romano, Suzanne Shaffer, Shaun Turner, and Bill Vangreen.

  1. I.   Meeting called to order at 12:12 p.m.
    II.   Minutes from the August 23, 2012, meeting
    1. A. Minutes approved as corrected.
  2. III.   Communications from the administration, faculty, and committees
    1. A. Announcements from the Office of Chancellor, Dr. John Romano.
      1. 1. Dr. Romano provided a summary from the Academic Leadership Council and Council of Campus Chancellors meeting.
        1. a.  Dr. Romano addressed the issues of admissions and enrollments at Penn State.
          1. i. Only three Commonwealth campuses showed a gain this year in paid accepts over last year – Fayette, Harrisburg, and York.
            ii. However, Penn State York has experienced a continuing and sharp decline in overall enrollments over the course of the last several years, including this year.
            iii. Dr. Romano stated we will succeed at the campus through the recruitment, enrollment, and retention of students, and financially, we face a rather sharp decline in the resources from the University required to run this campus.
        2. b.  Dr. Romano stated that the campus budget hearings will be held later this month or early November. 
          c.  Dr. Romano stated that the Middle States review team will visit the University on October 21-23. The October review will be followed by a full Middle States commission review on November 15. Dr. Romano expressed his confidence that the full review will result in a positive outcome that the University properly deserves.
          d.  Finally, Dr. Romano offered faculty and staff to have 30-45 minute question and answer sessions with him. If interested, contact him, and Dr. Romano will set up a meeting.     
    2. B. Announcements from the Interim DAA, Bob Farrell
      1. 1. Bob Farrell announced that Open House will be held this weekend and strongly encouraged faculty to participate.
        2. Bob announced that all Promotion and Tenure dossiers have been completed, reviewed, and sent to local committee.
        3. Bob thanked everyone involved in the recent ABET reaccreditation visit; we will be getting the full official report later this year.
        4. Bob mentioned that if you have a work-study student this semester, please notify Office of Academic Affairs (if you haven’t already) regarding work-study students so we can keep that in the budget and keep the budget in the black.
        5. Bob stated there is a new Code of Conduct form for field trips, and this form will be put on ANGEL very soon. Make sure to include this new form in your field trip packet.
        6. Bob announced a change in the funding rubric for the Advisory Board grants so that the money now may be used to offset the travel cost to attend a conference.
        7. Joan Smeltzer has informed him that the spring and summer course schedule is about to come out.
        8. Bob made it clear that no change to a classroom configuration will occur unless you get clearance from the Registrar first, who answers to the Director of Academic Affairs.
        9. Bob referenced a handout which showed projected high school enrollments in different parts of the state through academic year 2020-2021. York is poised to receive 8.2% growth in the number of potential high school students that could come to Penn State York.  Additionally, we have a greater anticipated growth (9.3%) compared to Penn State Harrisburg and Mont Alto. This is encouraging, but we must ensure that the paid accept numbers continue to increase.
        10. Bob reviewed a handout pertaining to new directions in programming. Bob will call a meeting with each committee listed on the handout to discuss objectives/goals/strategies/etc. He asked the committees to determine the feasibility of offering new programs.
    3. C. Announcements from University Senators
      1. 1. Mark Castell announced that there will be a meeting next week and that Deirdre Folkers sent out an email regarding this.
    4. D. Announcements from Faculty Council Representative, Sukhdeep Gill
      1. 1. Sukhdeep Gill announced they just had a meeting, and she provided a short summary.
        1. a.  The SRTE report that was completed last year was approved, and there was talk about having a student survey in place next year to determine why students participate or don’t.
          b.  There was a continued push to share resources across campuses, including online capabilities, and the DAAs should be responsible so that sharing is done in a systematic way.
          c.  They discussed faculty scheduling including comparing how faculty schedules are made and how rooms and facilities can be used most efficiently.
          d.  Sukhdeep announced that there would be one more meeting in the spring, so feel free to send agenda items to her for the spring meeting.
    5. E. Announcements from Faculty
      1. 1. Bob Farrell encouraged and invited adjuncts to participate on the ad hoc new programming directions committees. Committee chairs should be picked with meetings to begin around Thanksgiving. Names on the handout with an asterisk next to them cannot be committee chairs.
        2. Fred Haag announced that University laureate Chris Staley is tentatively scheduled to be here on November 14th and will give a presentation in room 110, PAC over lunch. More information will be provided later.
        3. Ed Jenkins gave an update on the Penn State York Green Team and provided a handout for reference.
    6. F. Announcements from Staff
      1. 1. Jane Emery announced that there will be an adviser session next Tuesday at noon in room 29. Jane will send out an email regarding this session.
      2. 2. Holly Gumke announced that the mandated reporter training will be offered today on campus and online at a later date.
        3. Holly also announced that the Office of Human Resources is taking on a “dependent verification” program that will require employees with dependents to provide certain information (via a secure web site) beginning in January in order to prove dependents listed on your insurance plan are indeed yours. More information will be provided later.
        4. Holly stated that work is expected to start in the Chancellor suite/student lobby area in the Romano building within a few days.
        5. Patrick Tanner - FA12 snapshot (census week) results are in
        1. a.  We are -121 students from this time last year, which translates to 68.9 FTE (this may fluctuate due to data refinement in the next week or two).
          1. i. This is a 9.1% drop in headcount and 6.7% drop in FTE over one year and a 4-year decline of 23.9% in headcount and 15.7% in FTE.
            ii. Altoona, Schuylkill, and Berks were the only campuses to have greater headcount losses than us and eight campuses did worse than us in percentage of headcount loss.
            iii. Three campuses grew this year – from .3% to 2.7% (Abington, Harrisburg, and Lehigh Valley)
            1. a) Those three campuses do have 4-year gains of between 3.6% and 15.8%
              b) Every other Commonwealth Campus has 1- and 4-year losses
          2. iv. EMT to address academic programs with great losses
            v. Most concerning is the budget shortfall we will experience because of these declines
        2. b. RAPS
          1. i. Working Groups have been successfully meeting
            ii. Patrick offered his sincere thanks to the students, faculty, and staff who populate these groups.
            iii. Co-chairs are compiling final report, complete with Analytic Hierarchy Process.
            iv. As RAPS is a subcommittee of EMT, EMT will discuss the plans on October 17.
            v. Vetting of ideas through the fall, deadline of 12-31-12 for final plan
        3. c. PSU8 was very successful
          1. i. Patrick offered sincere thanks to Dr. Christ and Dr. Dzubak for their tremendous efforts.
            ii. Delivered Aug 20-23, 2012, 73 students enrolled
            iii. Positive outcomes
            1. a) Enhanced confidence in the classroom, encouraging their peers, school spirit
              b) Data to follow
        4. d.  Positive movement on El. Ed. major, Reading Specialist Certificate, and MBA program – news to follow as it is available on these and other possible program additions
          1. i. Many thanks to Dr. Baughman and Dr. Farrell (and the many committees) for pushing this agenda
        5. e. Lancaster Center – to deliver the BSB program
          f. PROV has a new definition – as of FA13, all PROV students will:
          1. i. Go through a personal interview on campus
            ii. Be limited to 14 credits during their first semester
            iii. Enroll in BBH – Coping with College with Dr. Dzubak
            1. a) Suzanne Shaffer presented on data usage collection, analysis, and usage related to enrollment, retention, and satisfaction.
          2. iv. We will be pursuing a more coordinated plan for this in the near term
    7. G. Announcements from the Student Government Association (SGA)
      1. 1. Fuzail Suwani, SGA president, announced that we have a healthy student government this year. The campus SGA will have representation at the Commonwealth Student Governments meeting to be held on October 12-13. Fuzail expressed SGA’s willingness to work with faculty and staff throughout the academic year.
    8. H. Announcements from Senate Chair, Emily Wenk
      1. 1. None
    9. I. Announcements from Senate Chair-Elect, Sukhdeep Gill
      1. 1. None
    10. J. Announcements from Senate Committee Chairs
      1. 1. None
  3. IV.   Unfinished Business
    1. 1.  None
  4. V.   New Business
    1. A. Discussion of HDFS tenure-track position (Dr. Farrell and Curricular Affairs)
      1. 1. Bob Farrell announced that a committee has been formed, the tenure track position has been approved by the Dean’s office, and that applications are coming in. Bob will send the names of the search committee members to the Dean’s office so that committee members have access to the applications being submitted.
      2. 2. Maureen Muller (chair, Curricular Affairs) stated a need to follow procedure for all future requests. Requests should first be sent to Curricular Affairs, and then to Campus Senate for approval. Deirdre Folkers noted the unusual circumstances leading to the procedural exception in this particular case.
    2. B. Chancellor Search Committee (Dr. Nesbitt, chair).
      1. 1. Dr. Nesbitt asked if there were any questions regarding last week’s chancellor search progress email. There were no questions. Dr. Nesbitt encouraged us to speak to committee members and express any thoughts regarding the search going forward.
    3. C. Support Staffing concerns in Grumbacher ISTC (LAS unit)
      1. 1. Dianne Creagh stated concerns included a lack of consultation with faculty and how this change may reduce efficiency and productivity and how it may affect faculty morale; a loss of professional presence; on-site handling of mail, copy room supplies, monitoring of copy and printer function, and other assistance to faculty; and, the handling of confidential student materials.
      2. 2. Bob Farrell expressed his appreciation for voicing the concerns, provided some rationale for the decisions made, and stated that he will take the issue under advisement and give all due consideration. Bob also stated he would be available to meet and discuss the issue, and is willing to revisit the situation at the end of the semester.
        3. Bob went on to state that he will make detailed list of what the student employee can and cannot do and will send the list out for review and comments in hopes of achieving a consensus.
      3. 4. Emily Wenk suggested that this issue may be moved to next month’s unfinished business.
  5. VI.      Forensic Business
    1. A. Information regarding Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (Betsy Keefer, President of OLLI)
      1. 1. Betsy provided a brief overview of OLLI.
        1. a.  OLLI is an organization of active (mostly) seniors who are interested in lifelong learning.
          b.  Since 2008, OLLI has since grown to 40-50 classes a term with over 400 members.
          c.  OLLI is an almost totally volunteer organization (including instructors) and is growing. They are interested in strengthening their volunteer infrastructure and becoming an active part of the campus community.
  6. VII.  Adjournment
    1. A. Motion to adjourn was approved at 1:17 p.m.
      1. 1. Motion made by Abul Hasan  
        2. Motion seconded by Mark Casteel
  7. VIII.   Next meeting will be held on November 8, 2012

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Bartell