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Robert Bartell, Dennis Baughman, Kristin Cole, Harriet Darling, Joe Downing, Robert Farrell, Ann Fetterman, Deirdre Folkers, Sukhdeep Gill, Frederick Haag, Harley Hartman, Cecilia Heydl-Cortinez, Michael Jarrett, Ali Kara, Orsay Kucukemiroglu, Fulgentius Lugemwa, Kerry Magni, Michael Marcus, Jennifer Nesbitt, Larry Newcomer, Duke Sarafian, Abdul Siddiqui, Noel Sloboda, Stuart Stelly, Ken Swalgin, Emily Wenk, Anne Zardo-Zalik, Heidi Deren, Jane Emery, Jeff Warner, Patrick Tanner, Andrew Caldwell, Sharon Christ, Sue Ruch, and Suzanne Shaffer.

I.   Meeting called to order at 12:13 p.m.

II.  Minutes from the January 3, 2013, meeting

A.  Minutes approved.

III. Communications from the administration, faculty, and committees

A.  Announcements from the Office of Chancellor, Dr. John Romano

1. None

A.  Announcements from the Bob Farrell, Interim DAA

1.  Bob Farrell sent his “DAA Report to Campus Senate” via email and provided a brief summary.

a.  Bob announced important upcoming events and deadlines.

b.  Bob announced that the pre-March conferences are underway.

c.  Bob announced that Dr. Amber Seidel has accepted an offer to join the HD FS faculty beginning fall 2013.

d.  Bob announced that the proposal to offer the Elementary Education major at Penn State York was sent the Curricular Affairs
Committee  earlier this week.

e.  Bob announced that the ABET draft letter was received on January 22. It was favorable, and a number of concerns and weaknesses 
that appeared in the preliminary report that we received at the end of the site visit in early October have been addressed. The likelihood
of a six-year reaccreditation is very good.

f.  Bob also reminded us to upload our spring 2013 course syllabi and complete Early Progress Reports (EPRs).

B.  Announcements from University Senators

1.  Deirdre Folkers announced that the Senate records are not out yet, but she will be sending out a link once the records are available. Deirdre
summarized the meeting as follows:

a.  There were no legislative actions at the last meeting, just informational reports (including one on World Campus).

b.  There was a forensic discussion of the Senate self-study.

c.  There was a discussion regarding ISIS replacement.

d.  A proposal was taken up to replace the whole issue of non-degree conditional deficiency credits, etc. with a simpler approach of a
warning followed by probation. Deirdre stated that the proposal will likely come to fruition in some form, and go to University Senate.

C.   Announcements from Faculty Council Representative, Sukhdeep Gill

1.  Sukhdeep Gill announced they have a meeting scheduled for February 25.

2.  Sukhdeep also announced she will be serving on a subcommittee to explore why or why not students complete SRTEs.

D.   Announcements from Faculty

1.  Deirdre Folkers announced that Karen Shultz, University registrar, is shepherding forth the process of the ISIS replacement - the mainframe system that underlies almost everything that impacts students, and in many ways faculty.

2.  Deirdre stated that it has been decided to “buy” the system (vs. “make”).

3.  Deirdre stated that she is part of a faculty focus group regarding the ISIS replacement, and she would really like to hear suggestions regarding desired functionality.

4.  Deirdre also announced that there will no longer be a $750 surcharge fee for the IST or the SRA minor beginning fall 2013.

5.  Jennifer Nesbitt announced that Dianne Creagh will give a faculty colloquium on March 27 at noon.

E.   Announcements from Staff

1.   None

F.   Announcements from the Student Government Association (SGA)

1.   Megan Herr attended on behalf of SGA. No announcements.

G.   Announcements from Emily Wenk, Senate Chair

1.   Emily Wenk announced that the process to update the Senate bylaws is underway.

2.   Emily raised the question as to whether there are official Senate records being maintained somewhere other than the website and mentioned that there doesn’t seem to be a clear process for maintaining accurate Senate records other than what gets posted to the website.

3.   Discussion ensued regarding establishing a clear process for maintaining accurate Senate records.

H.   Announcements from Senate Chair-Elect, Sukhdeep Gill

1.   None

I.   Announcements from Senate Committee Chairs

1.   None

IV.   Unfinished Business

1.   None

V.   New Business

1.   Selection of a tenure-line faculty representative to the Enrollment Management Team (EMT) to serve out the term vacated by JeanMarie St. Clair-Christman.

a.   Ken Swalgin was selected and motion passed.

VI.   Forensic Business

1.   None

VII.   Adjournment

A.   Motion to adjourn was approved at 12:46 p.m.

VIII.   Next meeting will be held on March 14, 2013


Respectfully submitted,
Bob Bartell