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1973 - Spring
Hon. Jane M. Alexander, Esq.
Deputy Secretary, Department of Agriculture,
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

1974 - Spring
Kenneth L. Holderman
Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses,
The Pennsylvania State University

1975 - Spring
Hon. William F. Goodling
United States Congressman

1976 - Spring
Dr. Ray A. Miller
President, York College of Pennsylvania

1977 - Spring
Dr. Nunzio J. Palladino
Dean of the College of Engineering and
Professor of Nuclear Engineering,
The Pennsylvania State University

1978 - Spring
Dr. Eric A. Walker
President Emeritus,
The Pennsylvania State University

1979 - Spring
Dr. Theodore L. Gross
Dean and Provost for the Capitol Campus
The Pennsylvania State University

1980 - Spring
Hon. Jeanette Reibman
Pennsylvania State Senator

1981 - Spring
Hon. William W. Scranton III
Lieutenant Governor,
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

1982 - Spring
Dr. Charles L. Hosler
Dean of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences,
The Pennsylvania State University

1983 - Spring
Dr. David M. Joyner
Orthopedic Surgeon

1984 - Spring
Richard A. Zimmerman
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Hershey Foods Corporation

1985 - Spring
Edward M. Elias
Penn State York Campus Executive Officer

1986 - Spring
Dr. Stanley F. Paulson
Vice President, Association of American Colleges

1987 - Spring
Hon. Michael E. Bortner
Pennsylvania State Representative

1988 - Spring
Hon. Juanita Kidd Stout
Judge, Pennsylvania Supreme Court

1989 - Spring
Hon. Harris Wofford
Secretary of Labor, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

1990 - Spring
Hon. William F. Goodling
United States Congressman

1991 - Spring
Hon. William J. Althaus
Mayor, City of New York

1992 - Spring
Dr. Bruce M. Broadbent
Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sport Science
Penn State York

1993 - Spring
Dr. Ernest A. Harrison, Jr.
Professor of Chemistry
Penn State York

1994 - Spring
Dr. Linda V. Itzoe
Associate Professor of English
Penn State York

Frank P. Miller
Penn State York

1995 - Spring
Dr. Theodore E. Kiffer
Interim Provost and Dean
Penn State Harrisburg

1996 - Spring
Lawrence R. Newcomer, Jr.
Assistant Professor of Comp. Science and Engineering
Penn State York

1997 - Spring
Dr. Michael Jarrett
Associate Professor of English
Penn State York

1998 - Spring
Dr. Leonard J. Berkowitz
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Penn State York

1999 - Spring
Dr. John W. Dawson, Jr.
Professor of Mathmatics
Penn State York

Dr. Cheryl J. Plumb
Associate Professor of English
Penn State York

2000 - Spring
Dr. Gary L. Collison
Professor of English
Penn State York

2001 - Spring
Hon. Steven R. Nickol
Pennsylvania State Representative

2002- Spring
Dr. James E. O'Hara
Associate Professor of English
Penn State York

2002 - Fall
Dr. Donald A. Gogniat
Campus Executive Officer
Penn State York

2003 - Spring
Hon. Stephen H. Stetler
Pennsylvania State Representative

2003 - Fall
Dr. Sharon Christ
Director of Student Affairs
Penn State York

2004 - Spring
Abraham Amoros
Deputy Press Secretary
Governor Edward Rendell's Office

2004 - Fall
Timothy E. Debes
Vice-president and Civil/Geo-Environmental Department
Manager for NuTec Design Associates, Inc.

2005 - Spring
Jody L. Keller
Partner-in-charge of the Human Resources Group of Beard
Miller Company LLP, York

2005 - Fall
Dr. John J. Romano
Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses, The Pennsylvania
State University

2006 - Spring
Robert W. Pullo
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Way Point/York Federal Foundation, Inc.

2006 - Fall
John S. Brenner
Mayor of the City of York

2007 - Spring
William J. Althaus
Former Mayor of the City of York and International Consultant

2007 - Fall
Dr. Barbara O.Korner
Dean of the College of Arts and Architecture, Penn State

2008 - Spring
Thomas W. Wolf
Pennsylvania Secretary of Revenue

2008 - Fall
Jennifer Butler Stone
Severe Accident Engneer, AREVA NP

2009 - Spring
Jon Landis
Assistant Professor, Millersville University

2009 - Fall
Jane Sutton
Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences, Penn State York

2010 - Spring
Dr. John J. Romano
Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses at The Pennsylvania State University

2010 - Fall Dr. Abul Hasan
Associate Professor of Physics

2011 – Spring

Dr. Joel M. Rodney
Chancellor of Penn State York

2011 – Fall

Gary C. Butler ‘71, P.E.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Precision Custom Components (PCC)

2012 – Spring

Frederick C. Haag
Associate Professor of Visual Arts
Penn State York

2012 – Fall

The Honorable Todd Russell Platts
United States Congress, 19th District of Pennsylvania

2013 – Spring

Frank E. Dittenhafer II, ’78 FAIA, LEED AP
President of Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects