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Science Series Marathon set for May 4

5/2/2008 —

Penn State York’s Science and Technology Seminar Series, all nine episodes, will be broadcast back to back beginning at noon on Sunday, May 4 on Comcast Cable channel 18.

The series includes "The Elwha River Restoration:  Microbial Communities and Nutrients as Indicators of Habitat Change" featuring William Eaton, Ph.D., senior vice president of academics and director of the Center of Excellence, Peninsula College, Port Angeles, Washington;  "Organic Name Reactions in Industrial Chemistry" featuring  Dr. Ron Kreis , president, Bimax, Inc.; "A Squirrelly Subject" featuring  Dr. Michael A. Steele, associate professor of biology, Wilkes University; "Mushrooms of Pennsylvania" featuring Dr. John Dawson, Professor Emeritus, Math Department, Penn State York; "Surfactants in Cosmetic Chemistry" featuring Dr. Camille Sasik, staff scientist, Johnson & Johnson; "Greenhouse Technology in Floriculture" Dr. Jay Holcomb, professor of floriculture, College of Agricultural Science, Penn State; "Osteopathology: Bone Tumors" featuring Dr. Benjamin Hoch, assistant professor of pathology, Mount  Sinai School of Medicine; "Stellar Evolution, Cataclysmic Eruptions, and the Mysterious V838 Monocerotis" featuring Dr. Timothy Lawlor, assistant professor of physics, Penn State Brandywine; "Stem Cells and Neurological Diseases: Now and in the Future" featuring Dr. Douglas Kerr, associate professor of neurology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; and "Biotechnology and the Changing Practice of Medicine" featuring Dr. James Greene, professor of biology, the Catholic University of America. 

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