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Summer Camps Aren’t Just for Kids

6/16/2008 —

Penn State York is offering summer camps for adults beginning in July.  In addition to the campus’ youth camps, adults can now enjoy camps in music appreciation, drawing, stress management, and memory improvement.  The adult camps are scheduled at the same time as some of the youth camps in an effort to provide parents, grandparents and others with an opportunity to stay on campus and learn something new.  Adults can enjoy a camp experience designed just for them and any adult may register for any camp.

“Learn the Fundamentals of Drawing” is offered on July 21 and 25 from 9 a.m. – noon.  Brenda Wintermyer, artist, illustrator, and proprietor of City Studio Art Gallery, will provide simple exercises and instruction on how to draw using the right side of the brain.  Referred to as “the good eyes” or “the good eye of an artist,” this method of seeing is only found on the right side of the brain and makes drawing successful and enjoyable.  No drawing experience is required for this course.  Cost for this camp is $50. 

For those with a musical interest, Barbara Baker, professional flutist, jazz vocalist and instructor at Penn State York, will help participants develop “an ear for music” using the concept of musical rotation.   “What to Listen and Look for. . . in Music!” is offered on July 22 from 9 a.m. – noon.  Baker will help students gain an appreciation for a variety of styles and genres of music in written format.    Cost for this camp is $25.

In “How to Identify Your Stress Level and What to do About It” camp, July 24 from 9 – 11 a.m., participants will learn to recognize the symptoms of stress and what is causing it.  Cora Dzubak, Ph.D., director of the Nittany Success Center (formerly The Learning Center) at Penn State York and an instructor in counselor education, will provide effective techniques for dealing with stress which can help bring more enjoyment to day-to-day life.  Cost for this course is $25. 

In addition to the camp on stress, Dzubak is also offering a camp called “Worried About Your Memory? (And Want to Improve It)” on July 24 from 9 – 11 a.m.  This workshop can benefit anyone who wants to know more about memory and how to make better use of what you have.  Learn how to make better use of all those brain cells and improve your life.  Cost for this camp is $25.

To register or for more information on these adult summer camps, please call Judy Woods, continuing education representative  (717) 771-4032 or visit the Web at http://ce.yk.psu.edu/personal.html .

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