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Photo of Lion Ambassadors

LeighAnn Myers, Adviser

Email: lnm5048@psu.edu

Marina Mekheal, Sophomore

Email: mmm6556@psu.edu
Hometown: Born in Cairo, Egypt. Raised in Egypt until the age of 8. Now residing in York, Pennsylvania
Major: Genetics and Developmental Biology
My favorite thing about Penn State York: I love being able to commute from home while getting a degree from a well-known university.

Alex Roppelt, Sophomore

Email: awr5509@psu.edu
Hometown: York, PA
Major: Business
My favorite thing about Penn State York: The support systems for student success such as tutoring, mentoring and building relationships with people who push you to grow as a student and a person.

Michelle Cruz, Sophomore

Email: mkb5432@psu.edu
Hometown: Born in Reno, Nevada; Raised in Los Angeles, California
Major: Biochemistry
My favorite thing about Penn State York: I enjoy the diversity, learning different cultures and students. Knowledge is key. It's great to be a well-rounded student. This makes the experience at Penn State York unique and making the college life one of a kind!