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Why I’m Penn State Proud by Brian Tyler Baker

As a freshman and a relatively new one at that, many would argue that it’s too early for me to be Penn State proud. This is hardly the case. I think it would be a difficult task to find schools that share the same unity and togetherness that the Nittany Lions have, and I am very proud to be a link in this chain.

As a new kid, I felt slightly awkward on my first day here (as expected), but I felt instantly welcomed by a supportive student body and a knowledgeable staff. I found myself able to talk to anyone without fear of rejection or judgment. I really appreciate the broad diversity of student ethnicities and interests. Being the nerd I am, I’m also glad to have found people like me who are interested in history and reading comic books.

I have yet to have a negative experience with anyone or thing here on campus, and I’m actually very excited to have class and to join with new people I have met at the school. Penn State has helped me to get involved with extracurricular activities, and in doing so, I have learned more about my personal strengths and weaknesses. I was amazed at how swiftly I was accepted into Student Government and how much I was valued as a person upon meeting SGA students. I have only begun to help my school with things like volunteering at homecoming and joining different clubs. The kindness shown to me is very much to my liking, and I hope to proudly reciprocate that to others who attend school here.

To me, being a Penn State student is akin to be being a player on a team. I know I can find help when I need it, and I will be glad to volunteer my help to someone who needs it. This is something that other schools lack, and for this reason, you are less likely to find warm welcomes at other places than Penn State. I value respect, and I sincerely feel that I have been treated respectfully here by my professors, classmates, and students all around campus. I have always been proud of my home, and Penn State is becoming like another home to me. That’s just one more thing to be proud of.

There is a feeling of acceptance here at Penn State, and as a Public Relations member of Student Government, I want to do my best to keep that going. I know I haven’t even scratched the surface of what this school has to offer, and that is what’s most exciting. As I continue my years here, I hope to instill the same feeling of pride in newcomers as they begin to explore a new world of opportunity here at Penn State.