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Name of Employer: PA Department of Environmental Protection
Official/Current Job Title: Human Resource Analyst/Recruiter
Address of Employer: 400 Market Street, RCSOB
Harrisburg, PA 17105

Brief Job Description (what are your responsibilities and duties)?

I am responsible for helping to fill vacant positions within DEP. I post jobs, collect bids, resumes, applications, etc. and advise client areas on the best selection methods for their purposes. I also travel to colleges and career fairs to recruit interns and college graduates.

How did your experience and education at Penn State York and the CAS Program help you prepare and succeed in your professional life?

I learned a lot of valuable communication skills that help me interact with a variety of people. My job involves a lot of analysis, which I got plenty of experience in at Penn State York through the CAS program. Culture and perspective were two topics of discussion in many of my classes that come up again and again when I am performing the day to day activities in my job. I need to understand the culture of the people I am working with and the perspective that they come from in order to help them efficiently.

News you’d like to share about yourself?

I love my job and I never would have been able to attain it without my degree and the experience I gained through my classes in the CAS program. Also – Three of the five people in my work unit have Communication degrees! It’s a great degree to have.