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Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts & Sciences, Spring 2005

Currently:  I’m in the process of interviewing for professional positions that involve education within profit and nonprofit organizations.  Through my studies at Penn State York, I gained a special interest in training and development.

How did your experience and education at Penn State York and the CAS program help you prepare and succeed in your professional life?

The CAS program helps to strengthen your overall skill sets, especially in terms of critical thinking and presentation techniques; both of which are very important in interviewing for career-oriented positions.  One of the many unique opportunities I experienced at Penn State York was a research assistantship where I gained valuable hands-on experience with the research process. Another was an independent study that I conducted with a classmate on race and gender issues and later presented on a panel for women’s communication. Even just the regular classes in the CAS program present students with not so ordinary opportunities such as when we conducted an actual needs assessment for a local company of our choice. At the time, my company of choice, Suscom was undergoing some major changes and the experience provided me with valuable insight to real world situations.