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University of South Florida, Ph.D. student

How did your experience and education at PSU-York and the CAS Program help you prepare and succeed in your professional life?
The CAS (Speech Communication—according to my diploma/transcripts) program provided me with an invaluable, strong theoretical foundation which prepared me for graduate studies. Additionally, the CAS program afforded me opportunities to conduct research and present papers at academic conventions, placing me a step ahead of my fellow graduate students. In short, the CAS program at Penn State York sparked my interest in communication theory while equipping me with the analytical skills to understand, critique, and utilize theoretical concepts.

News you’d like to share about yourself?
In May, I graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s degree in Communication Studies. I successfully defended my thesis, Deconstructing the Identity of “Mental Illness,” and plan to donate a copy of it to the PSY library. In August, I will begin my doctoral studies in Communication at the University of South Florida. I guess you could say that the CAS program got me hooked on communication theory and now I am addicted to learning!