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Name of Employer: York-Adams Area Council BSA #544
Official/Current Job Title: Indian Steps District Executive
Address of Employer: 2139 White St, York, PA 17404

Brief Job Description?
I am responsible for over 3,000 boys and girls aged 7 to 21 and their parents and volunteers. Included in that duty I am responsible for several major events (including a week-long day camp and annual district dinner), training of adult volunteers, recruiting volunteers and youth, several fundraising campaigns, a monthly newsletter, and much more.

How did your experience and education at Penn State York and the CAS Program help you prepare and succeed in your professional life?
Many of the skills I use every day I learned in classes at York. My research skills, my understanding of organizational behavior and communication, as well as speech and writing skills help me function in this high-paced demanding job. I also gained the ability to work well with different people, which is critical to volunteer relations.

News you’d like to share about yourself?
Matt and I just celebrated our one year anniversary. Last December we bought a house in the Avenues Neighborhood of York City and are currently renovating our one hundred year old house (slowly but surely!). Matt just became president of the Codorus Creek Improvement Partnership and we’re still getting muddy on a regular basis. I’m thinking about running for City Council in two years, but that could just be my skewed optimism. Hope this finds you all well and happy!