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Welcome and thanks for visiting the Student Clubs and Organizations page at Penn State York and taking your first step towards involvement! Penn State York offers various co-curricular activities for the social, cultural, educational, and recreational needs of students. The Joe and Rosie Ruhl Student Community Center is the main hub of these activities. Within the Student Center, you'll find the offices of Student Affairs and Student Government Association (SGA). Both Student Affairs and SGA sponsor many campus activities (usually at no charge) including musicians, speakers, comedians, and more.

As a student, you are encouraged to participate in these activities and to join groups that might share some of your interests. Getting involved in campus life is an important part of your college experience and we sincerely hope that you take advantage of this opportunity.

Listed below are the names of our currently active clubs and organizations on campus. Below that list, are all of our currently inactive clubs. These clubs used to be active on campus but through the years have lacked the necessary student support. Students are encouraged to resurrect any inactive club if they so desire. Click on the name of a group you are interested in and you will be linked to a short description explaining what the group’s mission and purpose is for existing (if available). If the club/organization has its own website, you can access it as well. You may view the dates and times of scheduled clubs and organizations meetings on the Clubs, Committees, and Organizations calendar.

If you don't see a club or organization that is of interest to you, you can start your own group, and it’s easy to do! You can also download the Starting a New Club at Penn State York packet for starting a new club. For more information on how to start your own club, or any other club/organization related questions, see Dan Puccio in the Student Affairs office or view policies and rules for student organizations.

Active Clubs

Inactive Clubs

Agricultural Science Club

The Agricultural Science Club strives to provide an interactive setting for students interested in the agricultural sciences to meet with experts in their discipline, go on trips and tours of local agricultural related venues, to organize campus events, and to outreach to the local community through service projects.
President: Megan Skiles
Adviser: Andy Landis

Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL) Honor Society

Alpha Sigma Lambda’s aim is to recognize the special achievements of adults who accomplish academic excellence while facing competing interests of home and work. ASL stands as an inspiration to scholastic growth and an invitation to associate with similarly motivated students.
Contact: Annie Haines

Any Other Word (Literary Magazine)

An online journal of the arts, Any Other Word is a creative outlet for members of the Penn State York student body. It is designed to showcase students’ talents and to unite artistic minds. Any Other Word publishes the best short stories and poems submitted by Penn State York students. Visit Any Other Word.
Contact: Dr. Noel Sloboda

Badminton Club

The purpose of the Badminton Club is to promote fitness, exercise, and the sport of Badminton play at the Penn State York campus.
Contact: Ken Swalgin

Beauty Within

What does it really mean to be beautiful? When asked "what makes someone beautiful?", the answer is always about character, confidence, intellect, passion, kindness, personality, poise, and soul. It's about the reflection of someone's inner beauty. Our outward appearance does not define or determine our beauty. It truly derives from within. The Beauty Within club will emphasize the significance of external beauty by organizing social events, as well as participating in fund raising.

President: Kiana Jackson
Adviser: Cynthia Jones

Biology Club

The Biology Club is a group of students who are interested in career opportunities in the biology and life sciences area. Students examine novel research findings, take field trips to local laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and speak with professionals in the life sciences careers.
President: Laura Ohl
Adviser: Anne Vardo-Zalik
Secondary Adviser: Judy Owen

Black Student Union (BSU)

The BSU provides an academic and social network for the black student population and the celebration of African American culture. Goals of BSU members include: developing leadership skills; becoming culturally aware; participating in activities that assist the community; and beginning the process of career planning. BSU sponsors a number of campus activities and programs including: an African American cultural festival; an African American poetry reading; community-wide discussions on racism; and a number of fundraisers.
President: Papakojo Kuranchie
Adviser: Fulgentius Lugemwa

Blue & White Society

The Blue & White Society was established as a student organization that aims to enhance student life through promoting Penn State pride, community service, and dedication to the University. Specifically, the Blue & White Society provides our communities with Penn State pride and civic leadership, enhances the student’s Penn State experience by building relationships within the University and the community, and instills the concept within students that their involvement with the University can and should be a lifelong commitment.
President: Kirsten McWilliams
Adviser: Iona Conlon

Check Maties

Check Maties hope to expand the game of chess on campus and to hone one’s skills in the act of strategy and wit.

Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club hopes to develop members’ interest in chemistry further by visiting science laboratories, helping with chemistry homework, and performing experiments.
President: Michelle Bartolo-Cruz
Adviser: Mary Ritchey
Secondary Adviser: Andy Landis

Circle K International

Circle K International is part of a national organization which strives to promote service, leadership, and fellowship not only on the Penn State York campus, but throughout the York community as well.
President: Corey Wolfe
Adviser: Ali Kara

Communication Arts and Sciences (CAS) Club

The CAS Club was formed in fall semester 2003. One of the main purposes of the club is to enrich the lives of undergraduate students who are communication majors, minors, and non-majors. This is done by promoting the study, teaching, and application of the principles of communication through educational and social functions that relevant to the membership of the club. Typical club activities include events that promote interaction between students and faculty from the same and other institutions and events that promote interaction between students and professional practitioners.
For more information, visit the CAS Club website.
Contact: Deborah Eicher-Catt

Council of Commonwealth Student Governments (CCSG)

The York campus SGA is a member of CCSG, a University-wide organization whose membership includes the SGAs of all the Penn State campuses. Six times a year, local delegates attend statewide conferences and workshops to develop, coordinate, improve, and promote the academic and co-curricular activities program of the University; to train and maintain a cadre of student leaders at each campus; and to improve the lines of communication among the Penn State campuses.
For more information, Visit the CCSG website.

Council on Family Relations (CFR)

The CFR is for Human Development and Family Studies and related majors. The club sponsors social activities and service projects with children.

President: Bethany Lilley
Adviser: Amber Seidel

First Music Association

The objective of the First Music Association is to provide the opportunity for informal yet professionally credible collaboration between performers and composers of music.

Freak ‘n Style Dance Club

The objective of the club is to instill many different types of dance moves to students in an informal, relaxed setting. The club will also be able and willing to put on performances for the campus community at campus events.

Gaming Club

The purpose of the Gaming Club is to organize people in a wholesome, recreational past time. The club will strive to engage students’ minds in strategy and their hearts in frivolity with well-known and lesser known board game fun!

Global Business Club

The Global Business Club helps members understand how globalization affects the business world and teaches the necessary skills required in the future business world. The club offers several international company trips, invites professional speakers to campus, and provides mock interviews. The club is also an open forum for members to discuss business news, share ideas, and solve problems.
President: Tianhong Zhao
Adviser: Louis Paioletti

Hispanic Student Association (HSA)

HSA is a club open to all students interested in celebrating and learning more about Spanish cultures. HSA has been active in a variety of programs and events including: sponsoring a Hispanic Heritage Week, attending conferences at University Park and Harrisburg, and participating in campus open house programs.
Contact: Cecilia Heydl-Cortinez

Lion Ambassadors

The Penn State York Lion Ambassadors are current students who promote the campus to prospective students, their parents, and the community. Besides being a part of the SGA, the group works closely with the Admissions Office. Activities include campus tours, fundraisers, and social events on behalf of the school. Members are expected to keep a 2.5 grade-point average (GPA). For more information, visit the Lion Ambassadors’ website.
President: Leah Davis
Adviser: LeighAnn Myers

Model United Nations

The Model United Nations shall give members an opportunity to better understand the global society and foster international awareness through debate and simulation exercises of the United Nations.

Multicultural Club

The Multicultural Club strives to show others all the different cultures around the world and a place for Penn State York students to come and gather with one another.
President: Sahil Heighes
Adviser: Ann Fetterman

The Navigators sole purpose is to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his kingdom to the nations through spiritual generations of laborers living and discipling the lost. The club also focuses on bible study, as well as engaging students in discussion around the teachings of the Bible.
Adviser: Patrick Tanner

Nittany Dance Squad

Interested in dancing at a basketball game halftime? The Nittany Dance Squad aims to bring spirit to campus and athletic events through modern dance!
Adviser: Cynthia Jones

Nittany News (campus newspaper)

Penn State York’s Nittany News strives to inform students, faculty, and staff of academic, social, cultural, and athletic news on the campus. Published monthly during the fall and spring semesters, the newspaper provides opportunities for students to serve as reporters, writers, advertising sales representatives, and layout persons.
Contact: Barbara Dennis

Penn Players

The Penn Players presents several plays and performances throughout the year at the Pullo Family Performing Arts Center. In addition, the club travels to local theatres and enjoys dramatic presentations and theatrical events.
President: Victoria Maliszewski
Adviser: Stuart Stelly

Photography Club

Photography for some is a fun thing to do on your smartphone, but not for the Photography Club! The club’s goal is to educate students about photography, hold workshops for students, and to collaborate with other clubs on campus to provide high quality shots of campus events and programs.
President: Michelle Lin
Adviser: Kristin Cole

Pokemon League

The Pokemon League will allow students the ability to relax through Pokemon video games, card games, and the television show and movies.
President: Nathan Oberdick
Adviser: Chuck Gaston


Queery promotes awareness of the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community to the general population of the York campus. They provide a safe, welcoming environment where members of the student body, who also identify themselves as a member or friend of the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community, may gather without fear of violence or discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club strives to build technical competence in students appropriate majors, while competing in national and regional robotics competitions.
President: Kyle Rhoads
Adviser: Marshall Coyle

Rock Music Club

The Rock Music Club strives to enjoy, share, and perform music amongst students at Penn State York.

Students for Computer Recycling to Outfit Underrepresented Nonprofit Groups in Education (SCROUNGE)

SCROUNGE takes computer donations from local businesses and refurbishes them. The computers are then distributed to nonprofit organizations in the community.
For more information, visit the SCROUNGE website.
President: James Oplinger
Adviser: Joe Royer
Secondary Adviser: Dan Rupp

SiSTEMiC, Sisters in STEM Careers

SiSTEMiC Club’s mission is to introduce STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers and opportunities to women. To supply information to members about STEM-related scholarships; to provide an outlet for college women in STEM careers to discuss problems and concerns; to provide mentoring and support for women interested in STEM majors or careers; to offer information leading to internships or career opportunities; to participate in community outreach/service to encourage other young women to consider STEM careers.

Social and Gender Equality (SAGE)

SAGE strives to give students an opportunity to learn about and discuss various aspects of injustice, and to facilitate education and growth through advocacy and interaction.
Contact: Kristin Cole

Student Athletic Club

Penn State York students enjoy being active, and they have the perfect outlet to do so with the Student Athletic Club! This active club provides athletic and recreational activities on campus, while allowing students to develop their own athletic skills and their sports knowledge.
President: Papakojo Kuranchie
Adviser: Chris Beaverson

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is the representative voice of the student body. Composed of an elected senate, SGA deals with campus-wide issues and governance to promote student welfare. SGA is the organization that charters student clubs and organizations. Any group who wishes to start a new club must go through SGA in order to gain approval. SGA also acts as an advisory body to all chartered organizations on matters such as rules and policies and fund disbursement. In addition, SGA sponsors activities, programs, and student forums which allow for the fullest expression of student opinion.
Contact: sga@yk.psu.edu

Student Veterans of America (SVA) - York Chapter

Since SVA’s founding in 2008, over one million veterans have returned home to pursue a postsecondary degree. Penn State York is proud to host a chapter of this national organization, sharing best practices, success stories and supporting one another to further strengthen the student veteran community. We focus on veteran welfare to ensure student veterans are supported in their transition to education and employment. Through advocacy, partnerships and alumni support, SVA strives to help all student veterans succeed and contribute to civilian society.
President: Russell Heindel
Adviser: Jessica Petrie
Secondary Adviser: Joe Royer

The Time Lord Society

The club strives to share in the general liking of the BBC television show “Doctor Who”, as well as helping people as the Doctor does. The club will also meet and discuss the latest adventures of “Doctor Who”.

THON (Penn State Dance Marathon)

For more than three decades, the students of the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON) have raised more than $101 million and have helped thousands of children and families fight pediatric cancer. The largest student-run philanthropy in the world, THON is a year-round fundraising event benefiting The Four Diamonds Fund, at the Penn State Children’s Hospital in Hershey, Pa. The year culminates in a no-sitting, no-sleeping, two day dance marathon held every February.
For more information, visit the THON website.
Primary Chair: Julia Byerly
Co-Chair: Adam Rexroth
Adviser: Barbara Dennis

Ultimate Frisbee Club

The goal of the Ultimate Frisbee Club is to promote the sport and spirit of the game on campus, while offering students a recreational activity and teaching the aspects of effective teamwork.
Adviser: Todd Hoy

University Programming Board (UPB)

The University Programming Board is comprised of students who are interested in planning programs and activities for the student body. There are no special skills required to be involved with the board, just a willingness to “get your hands dirty” and make things happen on campus. UPB has sponsored coffee houses, movies, comedians, lectures, trips, and much more.
President: Alyssa Zelwalk
Adviser: Dan Puccio

Visual Arts Club

The Visual Arts Club takes field trips to art museums in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia. The students involved also present an annual art show at the Pullo Family Performing Arts Center. No experience is necessary in art to join the Visual Arts Club, just having an interest in and an appreciation of the visual arts is enough!
Contact: Fred Haag