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2014–15 Fannie Lou Hamer – W.E.B. DuBois Service Scholarship Contest Winner


Photo of student Whitney Brown

Second Place Winner: Whitney Brown

Whitney Brown won second place in the 2014–15 Fannie Lou Hamer – W.E.B. DuBois Service Scholarship Contest sponsored by the Forum on Black Affairs (FOBA) at Penn State.

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2011 Essay Contest

How do you show your Penn state pride on our campus and in our community? Current students were asked to answer that question and show their Penn State pride by participating in the third annual Penn State pride essay contest sponsored by the Penn State Blue & White Society (BWS). The winning essay, by Ben Morgan, a Penn State York junior majoring in English, is below. He is from Hanover, Pennsylvania.

The second place winner was Brian Baker, a freshman majoring in education. He is from York.


Ben Morgan

First Place Winner: I Pride Therefore I Act by Ben Morgan

There are always reasons not to do. Doing is inconvenient. It's stressful and sweaty, time-consuming and hunger-inducing. Choosing to do is the truest test of what we value - what we take pride in.

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Brian Tyler Baker

Runner Up: Why I’m Penn State Proud by Brian Tyler Baker

As a freshman and a relatively new one at that, many would argue that it’s too early for me to be Penn State proud. This is hardly the case. I think it would be a difficult task to find schools that share the same unity and togetherness that the Nittany Lions have, and I am very proud to be a link in this chain.

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2009 Essay Contest


Joyce Chuinkam

First Place Winner: It’s my Penn State by Joyce Chuinkam

I do not bleed blue and white; I have never been to a football game. I did not get any college gear, till my sophomore year. I am not following my parents’ footsteps, or anyone else’s for that matter. I never was a “student for a day” or attended an open house, and neither did I know anyone here or who had been here before I came here myself. It was neither my first nor second or even third choice. It was over 10 hours away from my home, yet it became my home away from home.

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