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Patrick Tannger

Patrick Tanner - Director of Student Engagement

Office: Room 134, Main Classroom Building
Email: ptanner@psu.edu
Phone Number: 717-771-4045
Fax Number: 717-771-4016

Patrick Tanner, a native of Lancaster County, is more than excited to be serving Penn State!

His bachelor’s work at Geneva College (Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania) and his master’s work at Grand Valley State University (Allendale, Michigan) have prepared him to be able to understand the needs of students and deliver services and programs to meet those needs. After his schooling, Patrick worked at the University of Denver as well as Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.

Patrick appreciates the many successes that Penn State students experience each semester, and he is amazed at the great work of all of the Student Affairs professionals at the York campus. He believes that together, students, staff, and faculty can create educational experiences that will catapult new leaders into the future with the ability to produce positive change.

If you have any questions about the Penn State experience in York, please don’t hesitate to contact him or one of the superb staff members who work in Student Affairs.

Jessica Petrie

Jessica Petrie - Financial Aid Coordinator

Office: Room 136, Main Classroom Building
Email: yorkfinaid@yk.psu.edu
Phone Number: 717-771-4045
Fax: 717-771-4016

Jessica started her financial aid career more than ten years ago after moving to York from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She enjoys helping students and their families piece together the financial aid puzzle and easing the fears that surround paying for college. Jessica graduated from Penn State in 2011 where she was a Human Development and Family Studies (HD FS) major.

Please stop by the financial aid office with any questions you may have!

Dan Puccio

Dan Puccio - Associate Director of Student Affairs

Office: Room 135, Main Classroom Building
Email: dpp15@psu.edu
Phone Number: 717-771-4045
Fax: 717-771-4016

Dan is a native of Buffalo, New York, where he attended Canisius College and earned a bachelor of arts degree in secondary education with a concentration in history. From there, he made a decision that would ultimately alter the course of his life by going into the student affairs field. After graduation, Dan decided to attend the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he earned a master of arts degree in higher education administration while being a graduate assistant in the Office of Student Involvement. After earning his master’s degree, Dan found employment at the University of New Orleans as their coordinator for Campus Programs, in which he served in its capacity for three years. Now, he is ready for his exciting role as Penn State York’s associate director of Student Affairs!

In his spare time, you can catch Dan cheering on his Buffalo sports teams, playing Xbox, leisurely reading, engaging in conversations regarding fantasy football and hockey, and bragging about his nieces and nephews. Student affairs has a special place in Dan’s heart and wants every Penn State York student to have the time of their life while on campus because he would not be where he is today without the support and encouragement of the involvement staff during his undergrad experience at Canisius College. If there is ever a time when you need to talk, have any questions, don’t know where to turn, his door is always open (he usually has candy to share!). He wants to make sure that you truly enjoy your college experience and take advantage of all the opportunities that you have here at Penn State.

We are Penn State!

Sheri Yoder

Sheri Yoder - Director of International Student Services

Office: Room 139G, Main Classroom Building
Email: slb65@psu.edu
Phone Number: 717-771-8419
Fax: 717-771-4016

Sheri Yoder grew up in North Carolina, where she loved camping and hiking in the mountains. Throughout her childhood, she dreamed of teaching and traveling. Both dreams have come true as she has taught English for more than twenty years in the United States, Chad, and Lithuania.

Sheri is thrilled to be the director of International Student Services here at Penn State York. Since she has lived, studied, worked, and raised children abroad, she understands the joys and challenges international students experience. She enjoys learning about the students' countries and cultures and finds it rewarding to help them become involved in the Penn State campus community. She is available to assist students as they comply with university and government regulations and adjust to the American academic setting.

Stop by Sheri's office for assistance or just to visit. Her office is filled with souvenirs from around the world and she always has snacks for students.


Cynthia Jones - Administrative Support Assistant in Student Affairs

Office: Room 134A, Main Classroom Building
Email: csj11@psu.edu
Phone Number: 717-771-4045
Fax Number: 717-771-4016

Cynthia is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and has been in higher education for thirteen years after beginning her career in continuing education.

In 2012 Cynthia graduated from Penn State York where she majored in letters, arts, and sciences (liberal arts). She received the Diversity Award from the Student Government Association in 2008 at a ceremony held at the University Park campus. Her professional interests include assisting with financial aid issues, acting as an adviser to the Catwalk Nittany Modeling Club, and assisting students with club sponsored events. Her personal interests include spending quality time with family and friends, physical fitness, cooking, listening to music, volunteering and watching movies. What excites Cynthia about working at Penn State (apart from being a student) is having the ability to witness and truly foster the growth and progression of the students from first-year student to Penn State graduate. This awesome opportunity is what motivates her to work even harder for them.